Saturday, June 22, 2013



oh noooooo.. time flies... half of the year had gone! what have i done?
well STPM 1st and 2nd semesters were over and i should just retake sem1!
hopefully i dont have to retake 2nd semester! (pray hard)
and i must promise myself must work the hardest in 3rd semester because there is no more chance for me to retake 3rd semester and it is a heavy semester!
i sincerely wish i could do that! but i just have to distance myself away from social networking
i do spend a lot of time on that! i have to stop!
2013 you are a good year to me hopefully.

2013 which i am 19 years old
and this is a very unique and unforgettable year
because in the year of 2013 happened a lot of unexpected things

first of all,
i have no idea where the hell was the courage came from,
i just participated in a beauty pageant - Miss Pahang Tourism
and the point is that i'm that kind of person which do not take part in these activities
i do not want fame i do not want to be top and i simply wanted to be an ordinary girl.
well, it's a very good chance for me to join this pageant instead. i've learned a lot of new stuffs.
for which is not learned in the text books for sure. 
honestly, every girls are talented and beautiful. and i love them :)
oh well , u can really see thru which is desperate and which is not. 
but whatever it is , i just wanted to end the pageant quick because it's torturing everyone of us!
but now, i miss every single of them and i miss the moments we suffered together. HAHA

here you go, our group picture :D

aren't they awesome and gorgeous? :)
btw, goodluck to the top3 of this pageant! wish you guys all the best!
one of you must get champion! ♥

Friday, December 21, 2012

i'm BACK!!!

its been sooooo LONGGGG since the previous post!
i have so much to blog actually...
but just i have no time!

i promise i will be right back ok?
pretty soon!!! *cross fingers*
i'll blog about everything including taiwan trip!
oh yeassssss~~~

love ya'll <3 :=":" font="font">

Monday, November 12, 2012


oh goshhhh... isnt it problem with my eyes? its NOVEMBER now!!
well... my memories are getting worse!! no idea why!! WHY?
but what i remember the most is the happiest and lively month is SEPTEMBER!
a great month for me! full of outings and yc sessions..i dont feel any lifelessness on that month..

okay about my STPM? haa its sucks! out of syllabus thingy questioned on that paper?
revised so hard was just useless and like never revise.. so whats the point of study so hard..
alright whatever! its over and its time to have fun to the max on this 2 months holidays!
nope .. one month actually .. november is the tuition + project month! tuition everyday!

once i have finished my last paper-chemistry on thursday! bunch of us went for movie!!

here you GO.. SINISTER!!!

we're so freaked out watching this movie! if i'm not mistaken i think i've scream for more than 5 times!
never a horror movie frightened me so badly! my right hand side seat was empty. its so WTF feeling!
worth watching tho.. first among all the horror movies freak me out!! HOHO..
then... next movie :
well.. perhaps after watching sinister i dont consider this as horror movie..
its kind of disgusting.. i never screamed at all.. i was just terrified by the sound effect..
okay this was the 2nd time of me watching movie at night! but first time until midnight..
first in my 18 years life my first time was in this year too! >_> THE THIEVES!
indeed i felt wasted paying 17 for this movie! AHAH! whatever! its over :D
after movie i went yc at tree under with them until 2am! yes! its 2am!
they were so surprised that i could go out until that hour.. haha
my parents are kinda strict on me.. 

and one thing i dislike, they were like stalking me..
i just wanna tell you guys.. i'm 18 now.. i am an adult now..
i know what i am doing right now.. dont worry that i would be cheated..
indeed, i do not really know how to differentiate good and bad.. but please trust ur daughter cant you?
dont doubt me n my friends.. you guys are somehow old-fashioned a lil bit..
well i love you guys tho.. but just gimme some freedom.. i am no longer a baby..
i am so tired of all these shits.. been endured so much.. and i thought i am better now..
but i am so wrong.. hmm.. (sorry i shoudnt have blog here)

alright even though i am busy with tuition! but still, i am gonna make my november a GREAT month!
i have no idea why i felt so lifeless now. perhaps form6 life is too hectic so once it stops i feel like ntg?
the time goes by so slowly! i dont  know what to do in the house! thank god!
tuition class starts tomorrow.. at least.. i have something to do.. lol..

FML! i dont know what the heck is wrong with me! HAHA! well well well...
ANYWAY.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE! enjoy ur holidays to the max!
its deepavali tomorrow! happy holiday for those who are working! :) 
i actually have so much to blog about!!! but all the pictures are not in this computer!
next time then! ;)

imissthosehappymoment !

-stay tuned-

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How time FLIES!

oh my gawd~! how time flies!
i've never been updated muh bloggie since when..i dont even remember!
is it May???! wow~! it's already OCTOBER now!!
so i will just simply upload some pictures and let you guys know what i've been doing so far! *wink

and yes! i went ShenZhen, China and Hong Kong right after a week form 6 started! lol
a week off from school :) and i sick like hell after i was back in msia! i got no voice! bad sore throat! gonna blog about it in another post *giggle

i went photoshooting for zeus boutiq as so called ambassador! lol. here are some photos i grabbed from there!  ZEUS Boutiq FB fan page here you go! :)
They provide imported trendy clothing from Taiwan,HK,Korea and so on.. not only that! They have headbands from SERENIandSHENTEL too!! and also selling the brushes from ! 

honestly, i love all of the brushes because they are simply lovely and soft! you can also visit their shop somewhere near China Town, ECM Kuantan right besides D MINES! All of them are at reasonable prices! you should grab some! :) after the shooting pretty soon and i bumped into TIGER ROVING TEAM job! hmm..

with mimi choo & lee long gei! :D
w/ babe carmen cheah 

it took a lot of courage of mine to cut it until shoulder length honestly..
here you go ;) with babe yienyin 
us ♥ yen , szeying , liwei outing :D chilling at starbucks!
with ze birthday girl! JO ANN ♥ sweet 18 
in ze school ! kim han :D a picture freak! 

the four of us ♥ in the class! honestly.. i did enjoy myself in form 6 life! :)

1ST of JULY :                          we gave her surprise! my dear Janet's sweet 18!
she's shooo upset until no mood that time! :D i gave her surprise!
i was able to make it because i arrived quite late that day :D
and our 'brothers' were back to town! thanks to babe carmen! HAHA

FINALLY........our long awaited LOVE was done! lol since april i think?
 the birthday surprises for darling puiyee and yunqiu ( my new classmates from endau ) 
 family dinner without 2nd,3rd and 4th sis! mummy's birthday! i was so ill that day! 
 the JUNE picture! haha! babe casey's leaving us :"(
off to aussie and further her studies! waiting for her to come back!
wootz! pretty soon!!! dec or jan!? aww..

more entries are coming up next!
stay tuned

Friday, September 7, 2012


it has been ages ago i never blogged? hee..i'm so sorry!
once i started my form6 life i felt suffocated.. no idea why..
well..i enjoy myself tho..
i actually drafted a long long winded post with photos..
but it's not done yet , so i never update it :)

people might say that sweet 18 must be very great..
awesome and so on.. not necessary.. for me.. i think that..
18 years old is kind of learning how to be responsible for urself..
i've learned a lot in past few months..
i've met a lot of people, i've seen so much different stuffs and
i've learn so much from each and every of them..they are lesson!
i have been going thru very very down n upset time..alone..
i even burst into tears for so many times , i love thinking a lot of silly things
end up..hurting myself! perhaps my mind is still not that wise? *wonder
i seldom express my feelings out to anyone..unless its unbearable anymore..
and yeah.. i expressed it out to muh baby..haha! but not all of them..
great that she lend me her ears and i have lent her my ears too! HAHA! 
(shes going to scold if she saw this! ROFL*)
now, i learned to cope with all kinds of people..
and i'm trying so hard to socialize better! HAA! i'm kind of antisocial type! :P
indeed!! my sweet 18 is great ! its full of ups and downs!

i'm getting insane!? why am i posting such bull shit here!? haha!
whatever! i love blogging much! 
BIG SIGH... i cant blog that often!! 
form6 life doesnt have that much time! FML
i used to ask myself every morning " why are you getting into form6? "
idk when is this gonna stop! hmm..

i havta prepare well for my trial! its on the 1st of october!
goodluck everyone! 

with loves ♥

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

another May ♥

hello people, sorry that i never update muh bloggie for ages! :D
much a dead blog!
how time flies! its JULY now and i'm gonna blog about thingy on MAY! lol.
it's not gonna be a long winded post! hee.. 
let's camwhores explain everything alright! :D

work at RTM kuantan for the Journey to the West show :D
kinda fun working there! :) met a lot of new friends? ha!

how i miss those days where i could just do anything i want to! :(
my sis boyfie just random edit the example of magazine for baby dolphin! ha! :D
damn weird..i know right.. HAHA!
it's my very first time went for photoshooting..
have been rejected a few photographers actually.
i am willing to go for photoshooting its because of Yunice! HA :D
so it should be her pleasure to photoshoot for me!? LOL 
and of course my pleasure to meet her 

i can still remember i rushed right after shooting to work because i was SO LATE! haha!
 this is the first time! (supposed to be) but her teacher can't get the so called FEEL
haha so..we just went for the second time :D
 and i knew a new friend, CH! lol.. he spammed my notifications right after we met each other!
i was like: WTH? well.. hes quite a nice guy.. lol


stay tuned with the upcoming post! BAHAHA!
june and july post might be coming together? :D
i miss those days where i'm way too free to blog or whatsoever! 
damn it..form6 life not that easy ;(

-stay tuned-

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May ♥

MAY is another good month actually.. (for me)
its a good month to you as well right? :D
kinda busy since the first day of May!
BABYSIT my niece for 3 days! i've started orientation week for form6 !
one more week to suffer! and i'm gonna start my hectic life SO SOON!
i can still go for yc sessions almost everyday!
BUT once our class started, i dont think i can :(

randomly found this picture when i was about 4 or 5? i'm supposed to be a BOY! lol
i miss those days :( i wanna back to childhood time!
my naughty niece! so helpless when i was babysitting her ALL ALONE! 
428 daddy fat hao! :D
here she is, we called her bread! LOL

pre-mother's day celebration @ sherwood steakhouse! 

 LOL look exactly like his father (my brother in law) when he's with sunglasses! xD

i miss her A LOT! well, i miss schooling life! i mean TP! sighhh..

 attended wedding dinner with daddy ♥ dress bought from Bangkok!!
 stupid face! :D
 start working from 4th to 7th of May @ CapitaMall :)
a very very tiring yet best job ever! HAHA! starbucks juice everyday!
full of memories!!!
 playing with the stamps ! :D 
 my tiring face after the 4 days non-stop working! :P

i've always wanted to study in SG but..
due to financial constraints and many problems occurred..
idk what to do .. SIGH! 

SINGAPORE! here i come :)
 look at the giant fan!!! LOL first time ever seen!! 
 random view.. find it nice so captured! :D
besides the SG Flyer is actually Marina Bay Sands! 

 i am who i am.. i don't like to put on lenses and make up all the time..
because i find it troublesome! needa remove everything be4 sleep!!
only when it's necessary i will put them on :D
 we had had our dinner inside Sentosa :D Ramen! slrrppp.. yummy!!

my favourite shop!!!! CANDYLICIOUS!! a must-enter shop whenever i go SG :P
i love the skittles candy fan so much!! but i do not have enough cash!! so.. BYE :(
lake of dream! :D
 my favourite BOY whenever we visit him in SG :D
Lincoln boy is soooooo adorable!!! his english is even better than mine!!! so ashamed!!!

actual Mother's Day! :D a simple cake for mom!
nosy her! blow that cake for mummy! haha!
we had our dinner at a random restaurant.. who knows.. lightning strike and thunder!
we shifted our seats for thrice! LMAO!
*after! LOL..
romantic dinner..haha! at first outside got no electricity but now in and out! ><
heavy rain spoiled my mood~! POOR mommy only myself,nephew and dad celebrating for me! HAHAHA!!
i simply love this picture :) so peace!
but kinda scary when i saw this scenario! lol..

people thought that i have edited this photo! LOL.. this is original one!!

 this is after edited :P that's why.. a photo speaks a thousand 'words' XD
did u notice? something gone.. hahahaha!!

alright..that's all for today :)
i'm gonna update about my job for the event "Journey to the West" ! :D
this is the first 2 weeks :D next 2 weeks coming up soon..