Sunday, February 28, 2010

gloomy day

fucking heat this early morning.!
what happens?! i dont know.
i just felt the heat and i cant stand with it so i decided to wait inside.LOL


until english period!
teacher told us a dazing news!
OMG!serious ?!
and teacher said that's why today's weather is so gloomy and weird..i felt so..

how come malaysia is also with kinda disaster? the MAN's fault.!
although its just a minor one,might be a major one later...
omg!gonna die soon? omg! i dont want to.
i'm still young and hvnt even step into half way of my life journey!!!
it's so unfair!fuck off,doomsday!

ok,STOP and talk about my topic for today.!

o la la
leo of smktp is having a I.R night on 20th march [just right b4 my b'day ehh]
then asked me about any entertainment huh?
i'm really no idea about it.
any suggestion? as a guest.
what make you feeling bored about the night?
well,just have a look to their tickets.


this is the sample of I.R night tickets of SMKTP
this suits the shy one=]
this suits the specky and funny one=]
and this is the most original smiley. suits everybody=]
laughters. get this=)
this is funny_crazy one=)
what about this? angry or keeping a secret?=D

wanna have it?
yes, u make a right decision.!=D
they are praying so hard for u to go,u know?!
and things i could do it's just helping them to promote this and nothing else.aha^^
god bless them and hoping so much that you could make it.!
of course,i am going to support tan chee yen that sopor geh=)

DATE:20 MARCH 2010

ticket price:RM45 PER PERSON

meaning that if u find 10 person then u paid only rm40 per pax.

any question,u can either connect me through my facebook
or dropping me a comment at c.b den the leo will find u as well=)

am i right, yen?=DD ahaha..
look.! i'm really treat u good enough.

the day after 20th,will be hanging out for celebrating my birthday ehh=)
it sounds sweet=)
and of course supporting my dear janet loupo's performance uh=D
so..that's all today..
used up my 2 and a half hours time for updating my bloggie..
ok,bye! take care.


[stay tuned]

update for the last few days ..


chap gor meh.
it is chinese valentine's day,do u know that?
some of them chose to pass the day at tc.
what to do there?! it's [PAO GAN]
whatever you wish to,just shout out loud and throw the 'orange'.xD

omg! i counted on my ang pow!
got shocked!
how come so 'much'????
rm455 NyyyA...
my dad suk sui...gib rm50 bad..!
rm2 just 10%,rm5-75%, rm10-1o% and rm20-5%
well,i'm too bored so doing this nonsense=D
sorry for wasting ur time=D


well,waiting and wondering can make it or not.
my sis was super duper late.!
finally i got out from this freaking rubbish home.!aha
i didnt told mommy at first but then my sis asked to make a call.
fine,"helo mom,i'm going to my friend's house and yen send me back,ok,bye!"
following her to the clinic seong.!
called here and there
"we are going to william's house 1st k,then what abt u?"
"ok,i go my sister's house and wait for u guys"
well,she said she can send me there.!yes of course very good!
round and round and round..
i reached WILLIAM'S house.
just stopping right in front of his house.!
"helo,where are u guys? i reached william's house.!"
"helo,we are in WENG's house!"
"wtf[of course,i didnt scold this word lar!ahaha], go whose house first actually?"
"weng lar.!"
arggghhh.!driving me crazyyy! then just listened her %$#@$#%$#%$#*
fine,she is so good to me that day.xD
i love you,38 sis!=D
FINALLY,came down from that car=D
"omg!i saw many his sis photos and pity 2 son's photos there only=D
and OMG!!!!!yikjun is playing 'KISS THE RAIN' & 'RIVER FLOWS IN YOU'!OMG
i love it,can u teach me?ahahahha
going william house by weng's car.LOL
his house is just awesome!=D
freaking BIG!
and nicer than andrew's house=D more towards modern design.!=D
self-capturing non stop. she.
i took some nia=DDD
back at 6smth getting to 7.
drop janet,drop yichia and finally drop me at m.s food court.!
waiting there for almost 20mins.
fking bored then self-captured again=D

omg! i met them back.!so happy.!and i realised i was really growing older!
they looked after me since i was 1month+. and now i'm oredy 16.
time flies!!!
they said i didnt find them for oredy 1year.
did i?
1year? crazzyy...impossible is it?
i'm so sorry...i was really busy last year.!
tuition study then year end traveled some more.!
this year was the month of jan i got tuition on sat.
but fine,they are busy in the morning as well.!

lalala..took last last ang pow from...
weng's mom,william's mom,kaima,kaigor,kaijie,and my sister's tauke=D

freak.! the only thing can do with it=D

this what i can only do when i'm alone and bored! another one is SMS!ahaha
how come it's just the center didnt blurred? weird=D

ohh yea! but,blurred!wtf! DAMN IT!it's so ugly but,just memory lar!=D
dont hide urself..
love this photo=]
i could just noticed her shirt.aha
me and the KIDS?=D
the two silly one..and i,cn u c me?=D
funny .LOL
what pose uh?=D
look at her long leg~omg


it's nothing special with the fridays.
visited dad's friend
then fetched my lil naughty nephew.
and went giant. just a fucking boring friday for me=x
okay,went tuition.!
my sis was really irritating.!LOL
after tuition,intended to give him the sweets but i cant find him.
sorry then.
funny lar.
his mom following what he looking at.
he is looking at me.!
den what should i do?
a bye or a smile?=D
really fking bored.!


it's thursday crazy=] the teacher was damn late to tuition.
u guess how long he took his time to tuition?!
it's 1hour++! omg!
such irresponsible teacher.!
fine,we enjoyed our sweet time with capturing photos,chit-chatting and we were just ENJOYED the time!

it's my photos again=D

oh,damn!chubby cute,nor! not my fault! it's captured by someone else.! bt i like it,cute=]
my first time taking photos with my dear and nor=]sweet
not really ready yet~!

she is soooo cute

aiyark! i'm not ready but fine then..she look so sweet=]
finally she allowed! xp.. say:cheeseee=]

keep on hiding.. just SHOW us ur face,pretty=]

dear and i=)

both sexy back=D
ohh gosh.! look at her! zilian@@
wed nite=) janice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

funny ever~

having party in my class??
nope......but why everybody is bringing along their cookies and food to school uH?

it's just to fill our lil tummy...
liwei brought gam tim=D

yen made her own breakfast.
quite western style breakfast..aha
pancake with honey,ham,egg and some sausage..yumss yumss..

the worst was modern maths period..
everybody was eating like a hungry ghost...
and i saw my pineapple tart was passing over to the last of my next two rows table..
actually that's the way how can we finish the cookies left at home!ahaha

luckily i didnt get summon when teacher saw i was eating man!
funny scene ever~
when yen was feeding me the egg and it reached my mouth,
then i noticed that teacher was looking at me!OMG MAN!

the kids nowadays are so so so and so small size and thin.!
why? lack of nutrient? well, don worried!
i give u some if i could..ahaha..
i gained weight and i'm really fat enough lar.........
i need diet seriously...[eating non stop's fat lady]
any best way can lose weight immediately?
goshhhhhhhhh...stop eating..
but my dad scolded me when he saw i didnt eat rice..
are u crazy? mind ur own business la old man!
i lack of anythg oso non of business lur..zz
i must diet and lose weight.!gosh..

well,reported on my sucks result for this first monthly test ba=]

okay now, i would like to spread the whole world~!
as a chinese, is ought to pass and get an a for BC, right?
well, i FAILED it woohh! sounds so interesting man!
it's so ashamed! as a chinese i failed it?! ahaha...
well guys, don worried about it,not only i failed lar...[the greatest i ever heard is 19 marks!][thats khor ka nee,our nui arh...sang seng dit lar=DDD]
many of them failed it as's quite tough actually...
talking about the nonsense...
but i can pass actually,it was the teacher's fault..
her mistake~ no matter what...
no changing anymore~ she already keyed in computer..
useless if u realised her mistake...LOL
fine, first test only what...=)

work hard work hard , babe!=]

sorry my dear. i linked you oredy k=]
i remembered that i link u oredy but i dont knw why there is no your link.
i'm so sorry babe=)
ur name is there lar-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

blogging again.

* sorry readers` updated late.
i was damn busy last few days,thousand apologise yar=)

photos post again=]


i heart this clip so much but it's not mind=( and bought it in tw=x
wow~ whose gucci there=D [ my silly look]

sad. the only pic i took with this dress.
i cant wear it anymore=C


finally met up my honey pink again for after 3 months time.
hairstyle changed again=x

yes,of course! not that close as last time but still quite close lur.XD
what the hell am i talking about?ahahaha

suddenly a lot of our memories pop out on my mind when we were sitting on the sand
chit chatting and the breeze told me that we are growing older
and getting mature in every sense=]

yes, once again- I MISS YOU honey pink=]

[the day i met my honey at tc]
honey pink and i =)
dear janet and i=)
me with my dear sorpo=D
sweet i this photo=)
done.! with my piggy faces. peace
aiyark not ready yet la sis=D

peace.. the only boy where are the rest?=D

love honey=)
3 out of 4. where is the 1? aiksx..


[bai ti gong day.]

standing ong lai=D
can u see the little tiny kong ming deng=) swt
wa. i saw another right in front of me and i forgotten to capture it.
stunned there=D
neighbours playing. aha
belum buka pintu lagi.
full oredy la a bigger one lar=D
wow.!look!pineapple with so many red packets..
luckily my sis din c my blog=D

[chor8 late night and chor9 early morning.!bai ti gong.! hokkien lang=) huarrtt arhh!]


[the beached day for me=D]
you know what? i visited 3 beaches in a day time. LOL
first-cherating the woohoo film destination next-batu hitam and last-tc
what a 'beaches' day for me. ahaha
[nowonder i'm so DARK lar!]
my hair like siao
mind turning ur head?XD. my cute lil niece. kim kim

i,william gorgor and sis[do i look like this sis uh??]

nope,we are so open and aboveboard=D
tao ching?? omg~~ beach some more...=D

done.! so high!=]
so, get HIGH!


we are on the same boat?aha..

look.! almost the same type of shoes we had=]

fuiyoh! standing on roof.! the hair was so messy nia.
wow.!we were on the roof man!=D

i'm alone

during this CNY 2010, although it was quite a boring new year for me,well, i enjoyed it as well..
we missed out the time for visiting our ex-primary form teacher. but anyway we can find her at anytime.
[just opposite of my school=D]

i spend most of my time with my family and friends.
but the time i spent with my dear was just chor1,chor2,chor3 and chor6 nia. gek sam..
i missed the chance to spend out my time with my honey and dear again.
fine, time goes by so fast. so, i would be in kl and meet up again after 2 years later. ahaha=)

my mom asked me to study billion hard to score well in my spm so that i could apply for the scholarship of her company. yes, i must study berry berry hard.! 10 a's - my target for spm=D
advantages of her company's scholarship are we need not to be their employee and dont need to return back the money and so on. it's good man.!
got chance to talk to the director of their company ehh how good is that=D

STUDY!STUDY!STUDY![start my sucks stupid school life again!]
i'm just a failure.!