Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hello all.

it's really lack of updates man.!
i'm sorry because i was leaving kuantan last weekend.
i was going back to klang for the cheng meng festive.
one night staying cousin's place and overnight @ genting monday.

at first, daddy got one alice in the wonderland ticket @ one utama,kl.
intended to watch but daddy start journey too late.
it was almost 3 when i've reached kl.
the ticket was 11.30am.
so burnt the ticket and straight back to hometown.
OMG man! it was really fucking hot at my hometown.
sweating non-stop and after i took shower was still sweating..
finally my dad chose to go klang already.=D
met my cousin and then we went to my 3rd aunty's house.
quite nice house.
triple storey home.
planning failed.! i-city byebye.!!
after that we went for yc some more @ pak lee.
we slept around 1am 


woke up in the early morning 6am.
kena kacau by daddy!
he sibeh behsong us.
cause we were late.!
met my 4th sis and jamming there for almost one hour.!
reached there.
baibai lu.
this and that. -SKIPPED-
on the way back to cousin'a place.
nice place.! but too bad..
it was day time or else i would be more and more pretty nice...
one photo by sis taken at this place.

look`! it's really a wonderful place.
full of the colourful lights and a christmas tree and snowman+dried ice and so on.
we had bah kut teh as our lunch.
and it was really a delicious and taste super good.
i miss it.!=]
going up to genting then.
WTF mommy really shame on u.
do u know how to say 'NO' huh?
uncle hong treated us dinner @ the VIP place again.
i don really like her dad in law much.
love to step on others
i knew he is rich but he cant do that to people lar.
we playing ourselves at the game station.
we've spent almost $100 and we redeem the useless bullshit back.
wow,what a good night.
so early. ahaha.


woke by daddy AGAIN
had had b'fast then went down to gotong jaya and stop by the strawberries farm.
so sweet man! 
daddy cut the nice one.
and i hold the basket then my sis was busying capturing photos for us.!
muahahaha pity her.
we had picked 700++ gram
and it cost $60.
my sis took half of it and the rest is MINE! muahahah
i'll be uploaded the photos soon.
we had our lunch again at gotong jaya.
reached home around 6.05pm
and rushing for my tuition.
showered and dinner.flied!
10++pm back and online for just awhile and then preparing this & that.


rushing and at last forgotten to change a smaller bag.
well,took the BG school bag along la.
finish lesson at 1pm yeahuu
then waited for net lu.
went 4s2 and just fooling around.aha
waiting for the aunty siew may[if i'm not mistaken the spelling is like that?LOL]
she brought us to the costume design and made the ladybird costume.
oh no,let him c sai. muahahaha
discussing. just loads of thing and i'm not gonna to write about it.
i'm just lazy alright..gonna off now.. and study very hard..
god bless me.!
my working time on sunday was afternoon session till 10pm.
so how?
yes,i SHOULD study NOW!


-stay tuned-


Thursday, March 25, 2010

happy birthday to myself

oh yea.! i knew my bloggie is really lack of updates.
but i'm really had tried my best to update alright?

2nd round b'day celebration at school canteen after school recessed
yummy blueberry cheese cake made by my beloved dolphin babe
it tasted really great.!
obsessed with it=D

everyone was enjoying her b.berry cheese cake so much.
yumm yummsss
back to my classroom and i saw a box unknown left.
it's a necklace.
and whatever..
u know what?! 
the necklace was the opposite same thing with the one he gifted.
his is a heart inside the star and this is the star inside the love.
whatever...leave it there..
and then i was really upset till the high end.
my parents din even wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAy
and my mommy wanted me to eat 'NASI BERIANI' as my dinner.
wth mommy.
luckily my dad is good enough.
at least he treated me a dinner that night.
although it was just a normal dishes but it's enough than my MOMMY.!~
'why did she following me to dinner huh? eat ur 'nasi beriani' la stupid.!
wasted a packet of rice.LOL
MOMMY, i DONT LOVE you at all!!!

[p/s: not because of she didnt celebrate with me ok? don misunderstanding,
it's because of her bad attitude and the way she treat people.! selfish slut]

and i just ended up my day with a very normal condition.
but i love my friends forever!=]
-stay tuned-


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

new- peeps


my phone was send to the kilang liaw.
it was old oredy.aha
ECM with sisters~
saw wil and .. aha
then weng,ben,kokonn gang and not really notice others
dinner at ms garden night time.
wuu~ saw many rich auntie uncle.
semua LV one. LOL
LV seems to be so common nowadays.==''
i took photos. but hp problem so i cant upload yet=x
the groom was just so romantic and sweet.
both of them came in and sat down
suddenly , a guy was singing.
and i tot whose song is that! singing so terribly=D
then only i noticed was that guy
and he walked to the bride side holding her hand then they went up to stage..
wow~! everybody glancing at rosessssss!!
the worker was helping him to push the rrrroooossseeessss to the table..
and u know what?
the bride burst into tears~~
and they kissed on the stage.LOL
photos will be uploaded asap~!
this was the first special wedding dinner i've ever been i think?
waited for daddy to reach kuantan and wished to sleep so soon that time after dinner.LOL


ohh! what a weird weather.!LOL
woke @ 8++ - 9am.
for what?!
after physic tuition.
omg! really needa thanks my dear puiiyee ehh~!
she is just a very kind and nice person!
she didnt go ecm actually but..
her sis send me there purposely!
oh no! her mom and sis really good man!
actually is her mom asked her sis to send me.
and her sis is sooo CUTE.!LOL
funny they all.XD
special BIGBIG presie by cousin  and friends=)
oohh!. many shirts ehh aha♥
they made a cute and small pre-sweet sixteen birthday celebration with me @JR
sweet.! heart you guys! heart you guys!=]

took it from ben's profile. aha
taking photos for the cake they bought for me=]
tiramisu i think?XD

ohh no! why are your capturing skill so bad?=D
snap my rabbit teeth for what? aha. =]

alright!alright! serious one=]

camwhore camwhore`!
but too bad. 
they are not belong to my hp
they are all in the cameras and yen's hp.
alright upload later then=] ok?

i think thats all from me today=)

it's nothing special with monday 
it's just a blue monday and a boring tuesday=D
craziiee day=]

sweet&funny memories with you guys , thanks!

thanks all my dears=]
and anyway thank you,

i love you


Monday, March 22, 2010


i'm back my dear readers`!

i'm so sorry that i updated so late`!

felt that i'm busy with many things this week man`!

alright~! i'm waiting for the photos. then i think i would be able to update again tomorrow.


sweet sweet day=]

going to pom pom already`!


-to be continued-

-stay tuned-


Friday, March 19, 2010

what the fuck!

deleted a wrong post.`!


geram betul.!!!

fine...luckily it's no photographs there=x

Thursday, March 18, 2010

my life.

last post was 15/3 and now 19/3.
sorry and again=]
would be a long long post again..=x


papa asked me clean the praying table and i didnt do it immediately
and afterwards he came back.
so,i got on his nerves.
he scolded me.LOL
normally we clean it at night but he asked me to clean in the morning.
so i thought nothing.
but...fine then..
sent him to great eastern office and said goodbye to him=D
took bus to KLIA and flight of 6.30am off to GUILIN.

[woohoo~~i'm freedom since he is not here=D]


still wondering : can i go tonight?
alright,put on my guts.
called mommy and told her i would be going william's place tonight
and yen would send me back dont worried.
phewww~ release..
account tuition at 7pm-9pm
oh no,after that follow weng's car to wil's place.
sibeh paiseh..
both his daddy and mommy were there..lol
reached his place and went down faster..
more on yen's phone.
look at this drunkard faces.
alcohol always=D
look`! she was drunk`!
just acting~!!
i was drunk?
i think i was drunk.
why am i kissing the dustbin?xD
i was really drunk.!if not why am i sitting on the floor and snap photos?@@

i reached home around 12.30am.
but i told my mom 12 because we need to wait yen's daddy
yen,u'r my dong jin pai=D
slept around 2/3?forgot already.


aww..woke up at 11 i think?
3 jie send me to dolphin's place at 2pm.
wow~yum yumss..
her handmade blueberry cheese cake was awesome.
it's so sweet~
she promised me would make a blueberry cheese for me as b'day present as well
so happy=]
but,if she got no time then it's alright^^
her mommy was going to look for the cheap 10 dolar sandals,heels and etc
and blah.
we took loads of bullshit photos.=D
she took this`!
and i took this=D
guess what is this?? nice~~
oh no,my chin`! XD

she said she is a professional photogrpher.so she took a lot photos of me.LOL
what am i trying to do?XD
thinking of you=]
OMG~! "i'm gonna sneezzeee~~"
eww~~my face. aha
how come the gardenia rak is there=D
my babe DOLPHIN=]


rushing for 2 tuitions on wednesday.
dolphin followed my car after the first tuition.
she bought the disc.LOL
after my english tuition,intend to walk to my brother in law's hse.
but then,he called me and he knew the place.
so he was coming to fetch me=]
thanks a lot and sorry anyway=]

alright~alright~ i'm back=]


actually i've been sufferin' from menstrual cramp.
but i still having much fun with em=D
my babe dolphin and dear jiun & pyee
gosh..slept around 12.30am and woke up at 7am@@
sleepy shit...
i was sitting at the place for 4&half hours.
boring enough.
lala wootz
finally reached the time.!=]
walked to ecm.
wuu..yen was following as well..
a super duper cheap and deal with it.
look at its original price?
and i got it 30++ only!!=D
yen went back so early and met em up at phon hei dei

ahaha. both same poses=D

dear jiun and i =)
aha. she dont know about this.;D
the guai ling gou.
eating this. so it doesnt matter right?=D
can u see the thing on the spoon actually?XD
my shirt was black and it's black also.=D
i think u can see it already , right? aha
this two crazy one=D
whoops~! somebody is coming out,make me laugh. urgh=D

toilet`!again`! our favourite self-captured places=D

everyone is holding phone and ka-chak..ka-chak=D
myself and babe dolphin=]
oopss.. i should bend myself. do i? =D
XD. busying with their phones
i heart sasa
ohh no,who is this silly one?XD
look at puiyee..she was busy playing with the buttons as ann wong said=D

alright~! finish enjoying ourselves then rushed back to tuition~!
oh NO~! my umbrella spoiled..
and i forgot to do something.
that is to buy a new umbrella=D
fine. we were late.and she was moody.
ben,ur fault.!
tuition still playing with cell phones. aha

 totally exhausted`! need a complete rest.!
heart this ! heart this ! ^^

* i really felt that i'm more freedom living without my dad*
*i love kinda of life*

i'm just extremely lazy to edit the photos.
so,just uploaded it.maybe it's ugly,but
if u feel annoy and it's ugly or disgusting,anyway,sorry
and u can just press Ctrl+F4 to avoid this.
thats the easiest way=]

i am what i am.
just an ordinary and simple girl.
♥ happiness.

wow,5 more days to go.

countdown + ing.

.stay tuned.