Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's HAWTTT!!

it's so lack of updates in muh bloggie..
dont u feel it? XD

i'm back!!
more updates will be on here!

was goddamn busy nowadays.
for the stupid hell brainless idiotic mid-term!
i didnt touch my book at all genuinely.! 
[p/s:i did touched it for just a few hrs this 'morning']aha

it's a sweet sweet day for everyone i think?
do u know 20/5 is muh parents anniversary!=D
it's 32nd anniversaries!
btw congratulation to muh dear and also my parents then ;D
otw to kelantan! attend muh cousin's wedding!

some camwhores
aha! am i cool? 
'yes,of course'
she just so in love with muh sunglasses. LOL

u know?
i went there for just 4 days and i ate rice everyday=C
nasi kukus,nasi sumatera,nasi berlauk,nasi kerabu & 'kaujam' [ i don know how to spell!]
thats why i am goddamn fat and gained lot of weights now!
hell! gotta diet and keep fit! shed off the flabs!!=x


hey hey! the bride and groom arrived! honk!!!!
look here look here!;D
dang dang taa dang dang dang daa dang!
aiyark! sorry=S
[yes , my cousin also look at muh camera! but his wife dont=C]
[p/s:she is not her mommy arh~ =D]
that green shirt lady is rich! muahaa!
f! i'm so dark! *tears drop*
u know what? they charter the plane from KL to KB!$15k
so sweet.!
look at the sweet pretty bride! aww..=]
*forgot to snap their sweet photo album* regretted!
ahahaha...look at janice tan! her iPhone's cover is exactly the same colour with her dress!
[she is just standard 4! lolol]
ahaha.. my cute cute kim! =]
aww.. the michelin boy! [jayden, i rmb ur 'ilubu!=)]
the DIAMOND bracelet from my aunt costs nearly 20k!!! @@
[one whole set!]

♥ family
[2 cousin sisters 1 uncle 1 aunty 1 cousin brother!]
janice tan:ur hand is so annoying! XD
so small! grabbed from cousin!
KB town area! 
sorry i'm just too bored to snap something like this!XD
i cant did anything there.
kimberly's face is so damn farnie! XD
hey! why dont look like my sis one? @@ different..
intend to snap her eyes.! but too bad i have no ideal camera! so just got sth like that!=[

the kids n i!
jayden's lip is so cute! and so 'M'

janice was playing v muh camera , i played her Apple and my sis took my phone!

capturing cynthia tan!

her paul frank! XD

she intend to show the 'fuck' and we scolded her!XD

the swan is actually ice! *giggle*

ahahahaha...can u see the 'sorry sorry' pose? my purpose! ;D
he gave his wife the rose while she was singing! 

this is another pretty and rich mommy!
finally i could capturing with the sweet bride and handsome bridegroom!
muh family

with the LC brother in law.!

BIG family! this is just part and parcel of muh maternal side relatives!

actually we chose to back in kuantan on saturday.
but sth urgent happened and made me cant attend muh tuition and gotta back on sunday@@
muh sis admitted. due to her placenta is moved downwards and caused the 'period' or brownish stain.!
god bless! we were so worried that she miscarriage u know?! luckily god bless her! =]
[the baby is so active!*smirk*]
i was forced to make the baby kim to sleep! she crying non-stop and i shaking non-stop! sweat-_-'''

eh!eh!cutenye!! 1 baby boy & 1 baby girl bathing together! ahaha..
u should look here,kim! 
"this is my toy,dont take mine!"
"nope,it's mine,*angry* *screamed*, gimme!"
what a farnie scene!

could u recognise them?XD
they are the two rich and pretty mama.!ahaha

[the star]
it's a awful grand wedding!

[nan yang]
(didnt expect my cousin is such a romantic guy!)
(he proposed with her at 2009/09/09-090909)
(decorated her room and surprised her!!!) *touch*

[everywhere also has their news! aww...=)]


i got the hada labo only!
my bro in law asked me: my god!! ur mommy bought HELLO KITTY?!
muahahahaha...is so goddamn funny..
my sis scolded her and said : she wants the thing inside nia!XD

heart this! 
i found it all over kuantan's guardians! *out of stock*
i found it in kb! the last 2 bottles! aha..

quite enjoyed the trip actually..
this is the second time i attended the most special case of weds! nice one!

thanks weili sista's [munmun is it?] alphard!
nice alphard! muahaha...lmao

didnt prepared well for the mid-term.
all of the subjects are burning the mid-night oil.
so didnt expect to get such high marks! at least PASS!

cant wait for the holidays to come!=]
nan G camp!!!
*changed the theme to white!*

*some boys may break your heart
but a real man picks up pieces
even willing to love you more! *