Tuesday, July 27, 2010

should i lock or unlock my twitter?

if i locked my tweets, i have more privacy.
not anyone can see my tweets.
but , its very annoying that authentication required keep on pop up whenever im in muh bloggie!

what should i do? lock? or not? gimme idea!

i realized many of friends are playing twitter too!=D
last time im the only one who was playing. 
now, loadsa friends are joining =)
don't u have a twitter account? 
create one and follow me on twitter! 
awaiting for u to tweet me! <3

[the second job]
SUNDAY, i worked for jasmine![should be shell station!]
puff~! the very first time! im so anxious that time when i saw she was there =x
its just like a promoter! promote for the new launched SHELL V-POWER RON 97!
she kept on looking at me while i was just trying my best to work! she scared me off! =[

after jasmine left , we were just fooling around! ahaha.. 
get mad!!! the idiotic workers there..bullied me! well,not going to explain! ;DD just a lil mad n farnie. ahaha
fooling with the 4boys and the workers..way too fun! =]
full tank challenge! oh ya! ive stolen the aluminium bottle and anti-slip which should be the gifts for customers! =D

just a light make up ;)
yea here u're! muh uniform! isnt it nice? =DD
[this camera belongs to me! bcause my sis trade in her old one ady! woohoo! ;D]

nite time, supposed to go for yoga  0u+ mini concert @ ktn parade
but i was so effing tired , so i decided to stay home!
how refreshed ! i slept from 8pm-3am study until 4.30am and continue with sleepin until 10++ am!
PUFF~! sleeping like a dead pig! ahahaa... nice!

some cam-whores.
self-obsessed ! ahaha..LOL
[ way too slutty! i knw its not that nice anw.hee ]
lazy-worm is growing in muh tummy! gawsh..

it should be like...rawrrrrr......! =D
well,simply like this picha much though its not so nice :D
i just like it btw =]
eeww... =D
like to do ugly faces recently =D
messy hair of mine. gawshhh..
lcly nii ><
ooops. its also with a cap! 
supposed to be pony tail w/ cap!
but sinharn said my hair was just too messy so i just took it off! ;D

had fun with this job & them! talk&talk&talk non stop!

going to work this coming sunday as well =]

* random one *

puff! do u believe this is my daddy?! ahahahahaha
no one could believe that i think! its very much different man!! bahahaha...
how handsome he was![i mean young time]

yes,here she's. cynthia tan!
well,this kind of floral prints should be looking old if wearin it!
but i simply like she wears this! [though i dont really like her! XD]

no choice! we are malaysians! have to study the history of ISLAM!
the exam for today just so sucks! don wanna talk about that! =]
sunlight will glitter on! ♥

*going MGS high-tea* anyone?

morning will be taking part explorace 
after that going MGS with hunnie bunnie ♥

STOP! byaii ! take care peeps ! 

-stay tuned-

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what to blog about?

about PUFF? ahaha
its actually just kind of sound effect!
and its a hawt topic! LOL

next, my facebook name.
Sdoyii Joseph Szeying Tan
what kind of weird name is this!
well , i cant reveal the secret yet!
or we'll be killed by someone!
ahahaha. just some creative idea perhaps! =]

follow by : twilight!!! <3

SUNDAY outing!
with all muh babes! 
[ not all of course! ]
cuiyan, rabbit , yienyin & kaiqi didnt turn on the 'party'.


thats the main reason why we are having an outing on that day =]
HIDEYOSHI : the place where we celebrated her sweet sixteenth ;)
i was late.! some reason! so darn fucking hate the prostitute staying under the same roof with me! 

The Twilight Saga : ECLIPSE

nice one!

this reminds me of that part during the storm.

jacob hurts badly when he heard what Bella said she married Edward.
he ran away!
Bella chasing over him and :
Bella : JACOB , STAY!
Jacob : why? gimme a reason.
Bella : because i dont wanna lose you!
Jacob :  thats not good enough! 

jacob intend to walk away and then......
Bella shouted : KISS ME!!!

aww.. im melting!
nice scene! ;D

i'm more attracted to this part because of muh crazy dear
she asked me to notice that part! ;DD

gawsh.. u need to watch it! cant explain too much over here! ahaha
 i preferred EDWARD & BELLA more than
JACOB & BELLA seriously! ahaha.
though jacob could give her warmth & edward couldnt! haha
whats on ur mind? =p

what i can conclude about eclipse is - KISSING! lol
alright! put an end to this topic! ;D
it melted me.


rushed like hell!
tuition at 3pm with babe dolphin & them.
WALKed to muh mommy office , just next to tupperware office!
luckily its not that bad! i mean the weather!
no raining n not a really bright sunny day =D
chemistry tuition cancelled! what a nice day~ LOL


happy birthday to our head of prefectorial board , JUSTIN QUAH WEI SIONG!  lol
we bought him a secret recipe cake-CHOCOLATE FUDGE
not bad. taste quite good =] yummy~~
and we bought ourselves a piece of another fav of cake as well =D
  i think its quite surprising for him perhaps?
its really a sweet sixteenth yr for him! ahahahaha LOL
and its so fattening man! CHEESECAKE! 

gawsh... i m put on weight!!!
needa a diet plan! not to eat for whole day long perhaps?! ahaha
yes ill do it during the famine camp! oh yesh!

gonna stop writing!
i think im wasting my time on playing n fooling around!
could i just stop it and study hard ryte now?
its impossible for me! =[

july monthly test is around the corner! 
i'm still fooling around! STOP IT TAN SZE YING!
study hard =[

take care,IMY!

-stay tuned-

Saturday, July 17, 2010


what a meaningful + nice post ever! <3














Tuesday, July 13, 2010

just for you , cheer up dude!

有多久没见你 以为你在那里 
原来就住在我心底 陪伴着我的呼吸 
有多远的距离 以为闻不到你的气息 
谁知道你背影这么长 回头就看到你 

过去让它过去 来不及 
从头喜欢你 白云缠绕着蓝天 
也至少给我们怀念的勇气 拥抱的权利 
好让你明白 我心动 的痕迹 

总是想再见你 还试着打探你 消息 

everything will be fine! 
as long as u are happy then everything goes smoothly n fine.
don fake urself! if u feel crying just cry and if u feel like shouting just shout all ur lungs out!
['ur family wont scold i think?! =D']
u will feel much more better seriously. cheer up dude.
we don wanna see a sad n moody max anymore.! =]
its not ur fault , don blame on yourslef lar.
we,as ur friend, we felt really helpless when seeing u keep blaming urslef like that.
its really not ur fault okay.! 
take ur time and heal the wound!
it heals slowly and slowly. take it easy!
we are always right by ur side and cheer u up guy! 
take good care of urself! and study hard!!!
study is more important for u now! =D

gambateh i noe u can do it! 
brothers sisters uncle aunty all are around u and support u!
no worries dude! dont worry be happy =)
u're strong enough! =]
express ur feelings to us if u want to.
we are always there for u. 

cheer up,max chan!

take care ya! 
monthly test coming soon! 
study hard! gambateh... 

everything will be fine! no worries =]

cameron highland is great?

  • photos will be uploaded soon! ;DD

the way to cameron isnt great! its awful!!! &; sucks!
u couldnt see any human being along the journey.. seriously.
nope, i saw the 'orang asli' ! ahaaaha..
when i was getting nearer to cameron i saw the solar energy houses and orang asli's houses!

after checking in raining cats & dogs so forced to stay in the hotel!
what we had as dinner- KFC!
ahahah. we were freezing that time! even my brother in law! =D
raining outside and a.c inside some more!!!
went night market after dinner! walked =]
shivering! cold! but crowded!

1st day, i've watched the GERmany vs URUguay
catch up till 4++ awake all the time! thanks rocky keep me awake! aahhaha
and finally muh GER won the match!!! ahahahaha ohhh yeahh =p

2nd day: strawberry park , bee farm , teh BOH park
first destination: teh BOH tea park.climbed up the tea 'hill'
nice scenery. fresh air! no air pollution there! i heart this! 
bought two cups of instant tea away! aha nice try! blackcurrant muh fave! =p

regretted i didnt go down! as what yen said there has a restaurant! =[
came out and next : BEE FARM! ahaha
we went there and took picha with the bees.! LMAO ;D
the strawberries there arent fresh so we decided not to buy! ahaa

back to hotel for just awhile and then coming up with strawberry park next
BIG RED STRAWBERRY FARM which is located nearby my hotel! its brinchang
slef-pick strawberry-fun! =D 
we tot its 1kg but actually its just 749g! fuck! i got one packet of it only =.=

this strawberry park very great! ;D with vege , cactus , flowers and so on!
it sells food and drinks as well =]
its all about strawberry! LOL
strawberry milkshake , s.waffle with icecream , fresh s. with cream and blablablah
nice yums yums =p 
i'm gaining weight man! damn fuck u! gawsh!
gonna be a fat fat woman soon =S

i didnt stop @ strawberry momment sounds yummy! ;DD
seriously i don really like strawberry man! fond of eating it because that is the only special thingy @ cameron!

i could see all over the street are selling strawberry stuffs and fresh strawberries
well , not only strawberries there for sure , sweet corn and also the fresh vegetable as well
awwww.. i miss the strawberry ice cream there! nice.. yummy.. slrrrpp.. sweet! ♥

[ps: i couldnt find any mcd outlet there,craves for it but don have any outlet =x fed up! aha]

to be continued.
-stay tuned-

nice post! grabbed from tengfatt's blog!

meaningful! i like it! =]


没有几个人会在看到听到后 再去找真正的事实
或许天性 镜子要看到正面容易 背面却很难
所以 人往往只看到正面 却看不到背面

误会你做了什么 说了什么 想了什么
太多得太多 很多时候 我们尝试解释
却不知从何说起 又或者怎么说
说错了 伤感情 让误会更深
不是不要解释 是 怎样解释?

不要考虑它们 其实生活很简单
但是因为它们 生活变得很有趣
也因为它们 你必须想得更多更广


如果人 想干什么就干什么
不需要理会别人 那有多好
但是 现实
还是 存在

或许表达错了 又或许刚好谈论到
我说了 你要怎样想

不管怎样 对错与否
我还是想说 对不起

♥ ♥ ♥