Thursday, August 26, 2010


GOODBYE everyone!
i'm leaving.
am not gonna update my bloggie until the next following week.
school holidays that time! :D
i am flying over macau,shenzhen & guangzhou!
don think it will be a nice trip perhaps!
*and remember! dont text me at these time : 30/8-4/9
or ur phone bill will be charged extra!:D *

do take care of yourslef ya!
and i will take care of myself over there as well!:)
no worries.
will bring u loads of pictures back! (as souvenir! :D LOL )

i will miss u everyone! *huggies*

stay tuned-

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

quick post! OFF to sista home!

szeying is leaving her 'lovely' home tomorrow. *giggle*
gotta stay at muh sista house. *so effing troublesome!*
due to my parents are heading to hometown by tomorrow
because my uncle-in-law passed away!
god bless. Rest In Peace , uncle! :(

i am gonna miss my lappie so freaking much!
havto afk for few days again! :(
what i can do is just 0.FACEBOOK.COM! lol :D
and am gonna leave malaysia soon! 
i'll miss everything here!
i want a blackberry so badly :D

for sure, i will have to upload loads of picture here! :)

take care!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

happy birthday to babe cuiyan!

the birthday girl :)
Happy SWEET 16th Birthday babe cuiyan!

so sweet! its handmade by casey and eevon for her! :)
bunch of them! babes <3
[: myself,puiyee and dolphin was not around that time because we had something urgent, so we left out in the picha! :( and janet was working! ]

we're back! :)
the birthday gal,puiyee,szeying,eevon and szetheng! :)
oh yeah!!! i ♥ this! peace-loving! :D
they're just so cute and pretyt! heart 'em! :D
how come i smile like this? :D LOL
the 4 TA students! i was just so shy to take with them :P ahaha
yeah!!! we 4!!! ♥ casey so hawwtt!! ;) *smirk*
babe casey,szeying,babe yumi qian! <3
well, i felt so awkward in this photo! weirdo! :S
btw they look very nice still but me.
sweet qian and moi :)
ball and szeying :)
muh ♥ babe dolphin and muhself :)

self-obsessed again i think! =p

my pictures-
ugly! :D whatever! imma ugly bitch! D:
so, have u smiled? :)
ghost day comin' i know!xD 
falling in love with playing the 'OK' hand! :D
mouth! :D
ahahaha this is what we called a 'narcissist' right?
yes,i like this picture so freaking much! :DD
the 'C' ahaha
LOOK! the ugly faces again! nope,should say MONKEY face! how hideous is this :S
smile everyday :)
OMG! Im so effing fat nowadays!!! gaining loads of weight!!! fOFF! 
wootz! i love this MNG ring! :D
the rude girl is here! :D

i'm just so frigging lazy to edit the pictures seriously!
what for editing the pictures actually?ahahaha
if it's too ugly or not nice,well, i will go and edit and fix it! :DD
natural the best! don need so troublesome! ahahaha

had a sweet day with 'em! ♥

 you always smile, but in your eyes, your sorrow shows! ♥

end of this post!that's it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i'm SICK!

i hate sick!!!
MC for 2 days and medicines everyday :(


the weather is so frigging weird!
must take good care of urself everyone! :)

uploaded photos to facebook already!
have a look then. 
sorry most of them captured by dolphin! :D 
i didnt even choose them just upload all! LOL
tak banyak pun! sad :(

take care everyone!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30-Hour Famine Camp

seriously,i didn't really empty my tummy for 30 hours
[because some of us ate something in the midnight!]
chips,chocolate,chipsmore,milo! 'i ate some chips,1 piece of chipsmore n milo'
its quite fun with this camp. meaningful <3
camwhore here and there.!
i was totally exhausted after the camp!
KFC after the camp! :D
after KFC went for KIWANIS meeting.
[shian,max,weng,khui,jason,szeying-one car ; 
carmen,june,kelvin,kayc,yen,amanda-one car ;
kamlung,yokho,yang,eugene-one car]
jiani n her boy n janize joining also :)

yummy! nom nom..

early in the morning! :D
gals :>
them :)
cute nicky babe :D
gals gang! :D
most sok de babe meiren ♥ :)
my cute babe casey. just like a small baby :)
sleep =p
mei er n gladys (:
puff`! u see! this the slipper i made! :DD nice man!
the pairs! :D where another boy? haha
weng n jason
*blush* ahahah
OMG! see! what is he doing?
oowwww..he looks so HIGH!!! :DDD
chan pak shian! what are u doing?! :DD
do u guys know? this is the best soya for us ever?!
i didnt even try a best soya like this b4! :DD
[when we're hungry n thirsty this would be the best! xD]
momo n jiani! 
OMG i love sei meiren le! i ♥ hugging her! warmth :)
they were chatting while i stolen casey's camera! :D
wow! i likey! lenq! nice xin ;)
eevon is shoo cute ;)
the differences between the tall n the short! ahahahaha :D
we're hugging another petai mui! 
moi with gladys n casey! ♥
gladys looks funny! :D
peace ♥ :)
♥ ♥ ♥
4 TP vs 1 TA :D
2 MGS vs 1 TP 
jiun dear , sze , babe nor (;
with da cute casey! love u darling :)
with muh honey bunny n cute darling ;)
both QQ gal :D beh tahan! =p
yeah!!!!!!! our foods are served!!! :) mine,jason,weng!

why am i so stupid to write my full name there huh>? 
yes, im tan sze ying! nice to meet u guys! LOL :D

more photos will be uploaded to my facebook asap.
click here for more information! ;D

actually lot of the pictures were captured by dolphin and not me =D
she's holding my camera.
i will upload all of the pictures in my camera to facebook soon! 
no matter ugly or nice just like it! ahahahaha :D


A charity dinner will be held on 18 september 2010 at vistana HOTEL,kuantan! 

[ Danny 温力铭 , Ester May May 詹嘉美 and Monkey D ]- Da monster 组合 will be performing at the dinner for us. Please Help us to Promote this charity and meaningful dinner. 

*RM 45 per head 

*Lucky draw RM 2 per ticket

Everyone ! Come For Our Charity Dinner ! 

For more enquiries , Please contact us via our facebook!

Organized by : The Kiwanis Key Club of Kuantan ♥