Tuesday, September 28, 2010

food poisoning ! =O

well , what i was worried that day really happened :'(
i admitted hospital ! wtf !
my first time 'dedicated' to u , specialist ><
once i admitted , i suppposed to say :
what the fuck! u noe why?
i stop diarrhea and vomit ! [the last time only]
 oh speechless...

before going into the wad the have to put droplets for me.
OOOHHHH i look at the needle and i keep asking the nurse :
sakit tak??? she answered just lil bit.
it made me more nervous and well it made me weep!
the nurse laughing but 'DONT U KNOW THAT IT'S SO EFFING HURT?!'
urgh... tears rolling down non stop and daddy helped me to wipe <3
i kept the tissue with me until discharged and i threw it =D

when i was lying alone on the paramount bed downstairs while daddy went to registration
i felt thousand loneliness on me.
the loneliness keep telling me you are alone, you are alone.
it really terrified me and made me could do nothing but shed tears.
i hate the feeling so much!!! never be alone!!! i'm really afraid sorry :'(
don understand why the feeling came so suddenly and made me so uncomfortable until i was in the wad
i felt much more better!
what a pity i slept alone for 2 nights.
parents went back home :'( my neighbour such an age more older than could even has husband to accompany
but i am just 16!!! alone!!! pitiful!!! =D
maybe its time for me to be more independent :)
[the thing i'm afraid the most - admit hospital]

my poor little hand is still hurting now. i felt pity for myself >,<
see! poor thing. have to bring this all the way no matter where i went +.=
i dont look ill at all i know =D

thanks my dear janet for accompanying me for almost 2 hours
i knew she was very bored that time as well =D

i was more bored over there.
nothing else i could do other than watching tv and peeing ><

i swear i will take very good care of myself from now onwards :)
i still cannot take heavy food yet. too bad !!!
and i still have to follow up huh!!!
check up this saturday :'(

everyone , please do take good care of yourself okay? ♥
the dengue fevers nowadays are really serious and eerie.
never take it easy. once u are fever muz visit doctor :)
take care guys ♥


Monday, September 27, 2010

seriously sick to the max!

i hate SICK!

this time is


damn it! 
what i have eaten [food+med]
all are vomited out again.
i hate it. dont u know that is suffering?
the med are so bitter :(
cant even take plain water!

am still very ill now!
wish i could recover tomorrow :)

i think i am gonna visit the 'BIG SHARK' HOSPITAL later.
the kuantan specialist !
i am worried about something.
god bless me.

the aunty was like cursing me.
may the girl RIP :(

i just hate sick so much.
sick is never good at all !!! :(

take care!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

our 1st charity night of kiwanis key club @kuantan

well , although we knew its quite a boring night for them.
we have to thousand apology to u guys because this is our first time.
and technical problem also. sorry :(
actually its not about fun or not i think.
its just such a meaningful night for them.
they could watch how the kids performed and know what kiwanis is.
*REGRETTED* never take full loads of camwhore
i was busy the whole day long. [the week]

some pictures :)

nice backdrobe. not bad :D lol

beginning of the night :D
registration. my sorpo dear puiyee :D
she loves money i know :D
MONKEY-D IS cute and ESTER MAY is sweet :) danny geng! xD
june and szeying :)
waihong , jason and kelvin :D
the lovely one <3
video about how the children's schooling life :)
performance by the children of kiwanis centre :) not bad huh~!
the girls performance! aww i love her! hawtt! xD
our lengzai henry :)
group photo! some were not around. haha
singing session :D
the kiwanians and our school principal :)
busy collecting vouchers :D after the dinner 

myself and babe cuiyan.
[i never look good at that night :( i was lazy to make up and totally rundown! ]
this is mr.chan pak shian stupid look :D
this is mr.jasper didi. looks cute xD
cute! lol :D
with the pretty gal :D
both sorpo! love them :)
gawsh! i'm the only TP student out of 5 TA students @@ haha
cute eevon :)
OMG! i look so leh feh ! :( they are just way too pretty :)
poor photography skills! kayc lum! xD
with muh love - pretty eleanor! [petai! xD]
june :D
ehh i simply love this although its a bit blurred :(
the emcee of the night :) where's another one? the funniest one!!! xD
both chicken hair! :D 
[p/s: pls look behind! ah kok's pose was a bit funny! xD]
OMGNESS! kelvin yap: what hapenned to u?!
with the pretty cute jiani <3
love this
aww.. shian is proposing to sulynn <3 :DD
with my love puiyee! <3 muahs sorpo! :)
ahahahaha the kiddy one! bunny: do u want this?! xD cute XD
he's learning my pose! dammit! but simply love this picha! OMG! :D
look at his yam look! weirdo! :DD damn funny lor!!!
=V= handsssss love u guys :)
i cant even recognise my hand :( xD
full group photos :)
kayc was learning me again! :( and whose hands on my head? @@
happy ending :)
my bebe dolphin! love her! hawtt! i was so ashamed to stand besides her! XD
see! she's lee pui yee a daring gal and i love her much! :D 
a very nice friend :) xoxo
oh my gawd ! what a pretty lady :) babe ying qian :) 
look at them! how sweet! :D
love ya! *dark circled :(
our supper after the night @ zamzam. its around 12+ that time :)
 8/9 tables joining! aww..loved <3 but hard to communicate! xD
*i'm home! exhauted to the max! and u can see how rundown was i.
thru my dark circled! xD

for more photos on this activities. please click here
or here-kiwanis fan page

-to be continued-