Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sweetest 'family' day ever!

we did full loads of craziest thing together in KL. lol

once we checked in,everyone is getting ready for FUN!
take the longest time on bathing is my dear lee pui yee :D

after dinner we intended to go for a movie but at last we chose to sing K.
sing K at red box of pavilion for 5 HOURS isn't it crazy?
all of us were having bad husky after that..lol..
we used to shout for every songs we sang and just so fun!!! well we enjoyed to max!!! :)
the funniest but also saddest thing was our mama SPRAINED her knee while singing..too bad!
kinda funny :DDD
we walked back our hotel around 3am and yet we're starving! LOL
we made a MCD delivery [ to hotel ] ! bravo! our 'breakfast' b4 sleeping...haha!

the 2nd day, we hanging around at pavilion...
we bought the same shirt at Giordano [grooup tee shirt]
mama was in pain! seriously...i saw it's torturing!
we're having full loads of problems that time...
mama was so depressed that time...we tried to cheer her up..
we're almost out of cash..haha!
 we need alex's help still..
he pick us up then go and visit doctor! then we went for our dinner [ bah kut teh! ]
after that...u know what?! we went for another round..LOL..
@ steven's corner but only yamcha =D
back hotel around 1am i guess? and mama intended to drink red wine she bought..
but~~~ we're all exhausted ! so she gave up that thought..lol..haha!

the last day , we went FAHRENHEIT ! quite lotsa shops not operational yet..
i would ask mommy to go there during Christmas for sure! wahaha!
finish shopping~we took taxi to bank {dolphin's mommy bank in for lending us! quite unbelievable!!}
and then bus station to buy ticket! we bought the nice surf.. at 10pm!
i was so worried that time so i asked sulynn to talk to my mommy~muahaha!!!

we dont know where to go after that..so at last we chose to hanging around at klcc! :)
we're really out of money already..so we just window shopping..haha!
jason is also a shopaholic ! :D well he bought a nice polo tee from romp! i love it :D
lalala...we felt like earthquake at klcc...seriously! 5 of us felt the same! haha..
after dinner we took a cab to bus station...
i could still rmb the driver [i think?] guessed sulynn's age and said we're like shifting! LOL
our 'luggages' all over the sofa and floor...LOL..=D

 we're on our way out to explore...lol
 getting nearer to pavilion :)

 finally in the room :D

 she looks so enjoy now :D

 standing some more huh? =D

 both of them :D
 my sorpo dear aka daughter :)
 say cheeeessseee :)

 we're really enjoy that night :) [look at my leg..lol]
wow! both of them! :D ahahaha..
is jason shouting or what? he looks so suffering uh.. :D
alex shy..haha!
 she's like a sexy mama :D
 what are they doing? umm..haha!
 too bad! she fell! but she is still singing? not bad! strong gal :D

the next day, having our brunch at Dragon-I. cost mama a boom! 200-300 BUCKS ><
look at this! what a waste..cant finish some of them :D
 mama and i :D she's on the wheelchair! LOL =D

 us with the exhausted looks..LOL

 we bought a 'group tee' from giordano :D
 dolphin is not cooperate ! didnt buy ! =D

 its' like the camp tee..why? because all are the moral values printed on the 'branches' :D
 wahahahaha! cant stop laughing at this! mama...
 mama..wife..hubby..daughter..and the son was taking pix :D
 pavilion :)
 puiyee's dessert :)
 jason's one! yummy! i likey :D
 dolphin's one :)

 look at her silly face.. haha.. love her :)
 jason! look so shy~~~ :D
 muh cute babe dolphin shows her rabbit teeth :D
 mama was having some problem that time..but still she's trying our dessert :)

 i love this! :)
 alright! i still remember this! "JAGA" lol >< haha

 daughter mama and granddaughter! haha!
 mama is drinking ginger beer....she burps non stop >< haha
aww.. my leng zai " lou gong " so cool! i love this! {because i took this..lol}=DD
 @ steven's corner..
 peace...the family trees :D {dolphin is not in :( she's taking pix }
 the second night's hotel. haha



 aww...gelato fruity! the ice cream yummy :D

the silly us at room 18 =D

 busy with text i think? haha

 my babe with the new casing of Iphone4 LOL..=D

 jason :D
 eww.....this isn't nice at all!!! is not as what i want! :'(
[black sesame paste]
 our dinner :D

 eee....i love this! :) it's in purple...teehee
 our dinner b4 leaving kl @ klcc

 this is mine and dolphin's one :D

many of our 'first time' we did it together..haha!
the first time a boy sleep together with us..[puiyee&jason!ahaha!]
-sleep together-
-pushing wheelchair [ for 7hrs some more]-
-push the wheelchair into the cinema-
-MCD delivery to hotel-
-sing 5 hours' k-
-out of money-
-the bus has only 7 persons i think?-
many many more....hahahha


the family tree....LOL
this is what a 12-year-old-girl says!hahahaa....
she said we're like family..go anywhere together..and feel like that! lol..
so we used to call each other with this appellations..

we went through the up and down together..
we sleep together..fooling around together..
we laugh together worried for anything together..
everything we did it together..
we went through the good and bad times together!
really thanks to key leader camp or else we wouldn't do all these :)
i do really appreciate everyone and everything in my life! thanks god =D

and one important thing was jason and dolphin finally broke the ice! :)
they never talk to each other quite some time already..
but because of this they talked and promised to be best friend forever :D
i'm so happy with this :)

the sweetest,yet adventurous memories among us will be engraved on my mind forever!!!
ever lasting..lol..

it's like fairy tales [once upon a time], we live happily ever after [ending] ....LOL