Sunday, December 26, 2010

random update!

hey readers ,
am so sorry that i can't update my bloggie for some time.
due to the brainless TM haven't come and repair for my modem :(
so i can't even upload the photos that we took during christmas time :'(
well ,
i will update after the modem is alright kay?
have a nice day guys :)

just went back from KL.
5 days 4 night ;)
-1 night @ klang 2 night @ KL 1 night @ genting -
isn't it wonderful day? yea exactly ! =D
we went for iceskating ! it's great! i learned ! :)
outdoor of genting ! countdowning ! everything !
i love it and had so much fun with'em :)

will be fully updated soon =D
i cant wait to update of them :)
i love you guys =D

i want a DSLR camera ! haha :D
alex's photos for x'mas is on fb :)
u can have a look over there ! =]

merry x'mas & happy new year ! *belated x'mas* :P

have a wonderful one ! xoxo 
=stay tuned=

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to mah Baby Boy-DOLPHIN

here she is !
mah baby boy ♥ babe Dolphin !

Happy Birthday to YOU !!!
happy sweet 16th ! :)

we've known each other since.....when duh?! oops..
lemme think! recalling back all the memories~ racking mah brain~ :D
standard 3? or standard 1? OMG! it's really ages ago..
can u count?! it's already been 9 years time~~~
how time flies~! we're already adult! gonna sit for SPM next year! oh god!
so soon! can time just goes by slowly? big sigh~

yea seriously , we did loads of things together ever.
but what i engraved is :

we laugh together
we cry together
we spend good and bad time together
♥ heart-to-heart talk ♥
we fooling around together
we work hard together
we sleep n eat n have fun together !
stick to each other :)
we chitchatting together , the women's talk! :D
we worried something together
and think of the resolutions together :)
and i just can't list them out here..
i'm afraid that my blog would flood with all these :D

you are a very nice girl i've ever met.
i've never met such a gal with full sense of honor&justice.
a full of personal loyalty's girl.
she will never allow anyone to insult/humiliate her friends
[especially her close friends]
she could give up anything just to help her friend! see!
but she never despise others like someone did.
anyone around you would do such things to you? i guess never?
but i found one :) glad to know her!
i appreciate of our friendship so much!
although sometimes we might have a lil argument due to some stupid thingy.
it never despoil our friendship away but it does enhance our relationship :)
i would like to thanks God because 
He lemme met such a nice friend in my life time ! :)
or perhaps we're destine to become confidant of each other :P

mah baby boy ,
you are already 16 now and don act like a 12-year-old-girl any more kay?
since your look is exactly like a 12-year-old-girl
so you have to be more mature :DDD
listen to my advice :
never fall into the love river easily ya.
you might get hurt kay? don't be so desperate.
just concentrate on your studies first 
then only search for your so called "true love"
i never want to see you're in depress/despair mood!
this is not what a "Dolphin" does in daily routine ! LOL
i just wish to see you with the happy smile ! :)
*but not acted or disguise one ok? :P *
-if you've failed yesterday , do better for today , think better for tomorrow-
#be the warrior of love , don't be despond easily :)
remember what i've told you kay? love you always ♥

random outing with ze gals
our main reason for this outing is actually celebrate her birthday.
but..due to she never want a cake for her birthday ,
so we just defer to her behest :D
we did the mission that is she asked everyone of us to buy her a present
budget around 5-10 bucks not more than that. alright we did it ! :P
after all , we went for singing k AGAIN!
this is what kuantanese's life! a word to describe : BORING !

pixie time!!! :D
 my silly babes ♥
 us :)
 enjoy singing :D
 ewww....the silly us!!! btw we're enjoyed :>
 b4 going out

 janize & puiyee
 ze group photo which will never be left :D

 crazy women in ze house :D

 2 pretty babes 

outfit of ze day :D
simple love smiling. smiling is my life =D

*for more photos info , press here !*

this is a video for you , mah baby boy :)
just simply edit. & imma beginner! this is my first time edit a video kay?
 LOL it's my first video and it's specially made for her! :D
hope she would like it-
i guess should show me some reactions like weeping? or hug me perhaps?
ahahaha! nope just kidding.. :)

fyi , you should go and pause the music first 
then only you play for this slideshow will be much better :)

have a look and enjoy it ! :)
have a nice day , guys !

that's all for today :)
thanks all ♥ thanks you for brightened up my life gal.
i do really appreciate everything in my life :)
and i would not to grouse about anything any more.
just treasure everything that walks through mah life ♥


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Days Alone @ Genting

oh yea..i've forgotten that i went genting..
nope! i should be saying that i've forgotten to post about my genting "trip" 
i can called it as my mini tiny lil vacation? LOL
yea i went there with my mommy and both aunty n uncle!
i was all alone...
this reminds me of the song : Need You Now by Lady Antebellum ! lol

once checked in to Highlands Hotel , i cant wait to get out from the 'cage'
they are going to casino and what i'm gonna do?! 
have to take care of the Uncle that don't touch gambling!?
movie? theme park? playground? bowling? or shopping? NO IDEA!
i am aweary of going up there...though i've never been there for couple of months..
haha! i'm too familiar with everything over there...that's why!

walked all alone to first world and went cineplex for checking any movie available.
Yes!!! RAPUNZEL!!! :>
rushing!!! bcox it started for 15minutes already!:D
blahblahblah.. it was quite interesting but just wondering why some of them dont enjoy it=D
u know what?! i never heard this fairy tale before!!! ><
thats why i used to be a non-childhood girl.
what a pity! i have no toys during my childhood days!!! not any!
eeks! have! the only car sth like baby walker! yea that's given by daddy's friend!
and not my parents bought me ok?!
and i just dont know much about the [FAIRY TALESSS] or even CARTOONS. lol

went for dinner @ Tong Luo Wan , genting.
next , went bowling... it's bowling in the glow! how nice!
it's like in the club..LOL

after that i was hanging around the GENTING HIGHLANDS!
walking up and down.. all over the Genting.. every corners of it!
not even a place for me to settle down...
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves :) a cuppa hot chocolate is warmth <3

i have to hang about to wait for my mommy.
due to the room key was on her hand. LOL
alright! having a bowl of 'guai ling gou' with mommy b4 backing to our room :>
slept around 4/5am!

Second day ,
i thought my purse was lost!!! god damn!!!
i was worrying about the purse for the whole night!
im not worried about money but I.C! LOL.
who knows , it dropped onto the car seat ._.'''
i was sososo tremendously excited when i found that. lol
then we had our breakfast at 'Lou Yao Gei' ! the DIMSUM!!! nom nom..
they went casino again and i have to being alone again .. alright.
shopping? haha! yea...
bought some lil tiny christmas gifts for my 'family' :)
heart 'em much!
catch up for a movie again - UNSTOPPABLE !
i never really pay attention on this movie..
both my left n right are smelly n irritating one.. so thats why..
but i know this movie is very thrilling n awesome great! hehe..

after the movie went back finally...
i puked!!! puh.....weakaaaaasssssss...
i can't stand the smell of brake...
once my nose sense it...sorry!!! i start headache n feel like vomiting..
haha!!! weak ass! hahaha..

i realized that i overcame the problem that i'm afraid of being alone?
perhaps it's good for me ,
but i'm afraid i would use to it and never want anybody by my side :D
won't be...haha! i'm still having the problem of Athazagoraphobia..
haha! :)

that's all from me today.
have a nice day , readers! :)

stay tuned

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the fan page

hey readers,
i just created a fan page on facebook.
i've been being a babysitter for couple of days for Baby Kim.
the mischievous one! haha! 
my main reason creating this is because of i wanna avoid from my sister.
they are way too busybody !
so i just create this and post notes or some random thingy :D
besides , i am so effing lazy to approve the requests :(
sorry friends....
imma slut!!! :(
ignore isn't best way perhaps? umm...

anyway, click on the 'like' if you want to.
if dont, it's okay :D
i never like to force people do something they don't like to.
because i'm also one of them who felt so hatred with this! 
forcing others to do sth they dont want to. don't feel good! :)
[especially my parents! ><]

click LIKE if you feel to do so. hehe :)

i chose this old pix as the profile picture :P
i found out all the oleeeeeeeeeee times photossssss :)
full of memories...
i realize the memories never fade :)

stay tuned

grab the newest Blackberry series with Celcom !

i'm craving to get a blackberry smartphone for ages ago...
but....due to financial problem i can't grab a blackberry :(
blackberry !!! i want you !!! :(
daddy , please get me one! SIGHS....

blackberry is a very convenient smartphone due to the BLACKBERY MESSENGER!!! 
it's FREE you know!!!?
you can surf net anytime anywhere..
you can check email & 
update your TWITTER , FACEBOOK or even blogger!! check the new feeds~
this is what made me craves for it so badly!~~

the newest Blackberry Bold 9780 ( name as Bold 3) and Blackberry Torch 9800 is only available in Celcom Malaysia!!!
Celcom is always the best and the fastest network to get newest blackberry series!

Blackberry Bold 9780

actually it's exactly the same appearance as Bold 2
BUT! The new Bold 3 is a step up from Bold 2 with superior enhancements!!!
its camera megapixel has been upgraded from 3.2MP to 5MP!!!!
see!!! so much difference you know?! this is what attract me the most i think!!!
i wondering why the 'blackberries' don't even have a better camera and now they did it!!
not only that , readers...
 at the core of its fantastic appeal is the new BlackBerry 6 OS. 
BlackBerry Bold 9780 is an obvious enrichment.

Exceptional battery life
The BlackBerry Bold 3 has the longest battery life among all Blackberries. 
With 6 hours of talk time and 38 hours of music playback time,
your ears will be working overtime.

3G network support
With a 3G support, you can always check emails, 
browse website or stream videos just anywhere around the world on 3G networks.
With BlackBerry Bold 3 it is now easier to keep in touch.

Equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 will enable you to effortlessly switch between various networks to access your BlackBerry services.
Lugging your laptop around or looking for the nearest cyber cafe is now a thing of the past.

many of the specs have been upgraded into the more advanced one.
so u should go and sign up with Celcom Plans to grab the newest Blackberry Bold 3 now!!!
so worthy~! RRP RM1,888.
sign up there and u'll get a FREE softskin worth RM48 for ur babyberry! :)
white edition is also available here ! :D

Blackberry Torch 9800 Slider

this smartphone is way too sexy~ aww....
it can be touch , it can be full qwertyuiop pad :D
this BB Torch add a dazzling new dimension to everyday tasks with BlackBerry’s most advanced OS,
all-in-one design and a complete host of the latest services.
and also with the advance specs....
RRP RM2,188 , sign up with the Celcom plans to get on a cheaper price!!!
i can't get this because it's too costly for me.....can't afford it :(
btw i hope you guys who are affordable for this, you should go and grab one from Celcom!!! 

Maximized multimedia
Immerse yourself with 8 GB of memory, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card, zoom effect by a pinch of your fingers and enhanced music player that allows you to view full album art and track listings in portrait or landscape.

5MP camera
Comes with flash, continuous auto-focus and image stabilization, plus 11 photo modes and video recording to ease those spontaneous moments.

Integrated social feeds
Now you can update multiple social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Buzzd and much more with a single post or gather and filter all your social network and feeds in one view. It's that easy!

Faster, richer browsing
Multi-tasks by managing multiple open websites with tabbed browsing as well as bookmark all your favourite sites with branded icons or customizable names right from the home screen.

so, daddy~~~~ can u please get me one blackberry? any.... :(
both my parents are using Celcom.....i guess they are not willing to do so..
sob sob :'(
i want it so badly!!!!!!! anyone get a free one for me?! haha! dreaming~~~

GRAB it as soon as possible!!!
this is the link to the plans of blackberry with Celcom.
click CELCOM to get more informations. thanks :)