Thursday, January 20, 2011

quick post :)

 I was supposed to go 4 tuition but i didnt. teehee.
i went for lunch & zenith hotel after key club meeting.
visited the newest hotel in ktn. erm. not bad~
i simply love the swimming pool & yoga studio.
the unforgettable cake for me is blueberry cheese cake
i guess its what ho chia weng's fave ? haha..
i love blueberry cheese but it was too cheeyyyyy for me! *nope , for everyone!
its like eating the cheese ny =.= so hard and cheesy!
after that we met up @ tc[the beach in ktn] & pixie always XD

 we're in ze yoga studio! :D

 the ladies of the zenith hotel :D

we're playing with ze Iphone ! way too fun :)
going to get one!!! as what babe dolphin said XD
its tuition time but we're just fooling around. lol.

pixie time again.....owwwhhhh babebabe ohhh..

*my lil hair clip was lost! damn it~ so fking sad :(* 

 the 3 silly girls. the BFF. never changed :)

 life is full of sweet things <3 just smile no matter what :)

simply love this pix so muchie :)

 the max's "wu gu yan shen" XD

i felt so glad to have a bunch of silly goofy good friends :)
i love everything in my life.
i live it with no regrets , hope u guys do the same :)
life is short. appreciate everything and not to blame anything :)


Monday, January 17, 2011

super belated post of new year 2011 :D

the BBQ , so called gathering of key club members :D
it takes some distance , fun though.
back home around 12. (never get scolded)* yeahh* :D

pixie pixie <3 

 2010/12/30 @ duta village [ located next to swiss garden hotel ]
 hamsap poh :D

2010/12/31 @ megamall.with bunch of them.

after attending nephew's full moon ceremony headed to megamall.
i met loads of human being... packed like sardine? nope...haha!

aren't they mad? :D
  pixie with ze gals from TA
 with my dear jennifer <3
people! crowded
 owhhh babe don't be so embarrass :P

 us with alex :D [ have u ever heard of ppl from KL came kuantan for countdown?]
sounds weird and funny! xD
 goodbye people! xD
 wootz! love this part! battleground! chinese vs malays
*support*(my dudes)
 2 lil couple! gosh.. xD
 so frigging hate him man! learn my style always.! irritating!!! xD
 FUCK YOU dennis! showed me a 'fuck'? damn it ! lol.
with ze guys from AP

 ohh yeahh our gang <3 
 show me this 'face' for what?
 with the silly goofy chesy xD
 the mature xueyee :D
 pushing each other! >< just BATTLE!!!
 with the sweetie cihui :D silly one as well xD

being self-obsessed LOL

simply love the photos i printed out :D
 the bear makes me think of you every moment♥
muh honey bunny :)
love you always 

 ze christmas gifts of the year 2010. one more gift...
[from unknown (which actually i knew his name n look) so frigging weirdo]
*main point: daddy misunderstood ! WTF!

from muh beloved mama's honey XD
 it's so sweet. an ' ILOVEYOU' by the side and after i switch the light on. 
OMG it really melted my heart....sweet tho..
 happy xD
 ze mama's one xD

 see! our group pix. great? xD
i printed it out myself whereas it suppose to be printed the leo's picha XD

 Ze smile symbolised szeying



U'RE officially sweet 18 now :)
may all ur dreams come true ! all the best for ur studies !
gambateh ♥
don't moody always! =D

family gathering? teehee.
2nd & 4th sis were back to town XD
we celebrated ze 29th burpday for my 2nd sis at local restaurant..
as usual we intended to buy her a cake but....too bad!!!
the shopsssss were all closed ==
so we never buy her anything , just an ordinary dinner :)

 muh lovely family :)


wish u get married as soon as possible :D 
as what daddy's wish ;P
don't be so money-minded la boss ! LOL

we celebrated for her at red flora =D

schooling day is always the best!
at times it might be boring tho!
i will cherish everything i'm having now :)
treasure every moment at school because i knew that..
i'm gonna end my secondary school life soon ! 
i will miss it i know :)