Friday, February 25, 2011

random :)

seriously , nothing special recently.
just kind of bored.
wednesday went JR having high tea with kayc lum.
hahaha random talks :) 
and sorry that he dates me for so many times now only i went with him =D

 an ordinary girl with stupid look. haha. i aint so like this ><
 busy texting with her sweetheart :D
drinks :)

thursday went to find sponsorship for our 2nd charity dinner
w/ sulynn mama , lung & shian.
after that tuition :D we were really ROFL. lol the physics teacher is just so funny and cute ! lol

 dolphin snap this ><
ahahaha the 3 crazy girls <3

friday...cross country of our school..
i was the only girl in our gang today.. lol
i am tired ... i skipped bc tuitions for 2 days.
i need car i need car i need car! wtf ! i must go and get my own license and a car to drive!
so that i don need to trouble anyone. lols
i am just a trouble-maker! damn! ><

Sunday, February 20, 2011

♥ bunny year of mine ♥

quite a special year for me.
although my red packets are not as many as last year and i never really go visit my friend.
still, i'm happy and satisfies with this :)
i spent most of my time with my family ♥
yeahh the feeling of CNY is not around.. & is even worse than last year..fml..

had some outings with friends and family..
movie with family .. hanging around @ ecm with friends .. 
went tc & yc with family..
sometimes i just felt so lazy to hang out and so sick of the shopping complex here..
always the same - ECM ><

abandoned kid, i am. i hate confusion. i simply love simple life. dont mix up and mess up my life. i just want to be myself.
i hate backstabber. fuck off from my life. you dont know me well. i wonder why people just like to pretend.
people always discuss about people. what for. make a mess in your life and others life. i'm writing nobody.
this is what i supposed to tell myself but i couldnt change myself. i am finding my way back.
WHERE IS THE POSITIVE SZEYING?! i had became more n more negative and a blind alley nowadays..
b4 that i was the one who always ask people to be positive and now?~ my turn.. to be so negative... i want a better life! :)

 with muh baby :)
 the 2nd sister :)

this one!!! we're trying to light up the sky lantern... but.... FAILED! damn :(
this is ze 2nd one! but who knows .!!!! it stuck at the wire!!![ luckily the wire never light up xD] 
 again :) only camwhore with her :)
 again...the woohoo place!!! with sister's colleagues i guess? haha
 @ oldtown with ze family.. 
 mommy is figuring out how to capture using Iphone! and daddy is learning as well :D
all of us are laughing over this! xD

 what a windy tc :D

 my family :)
[p/s: that guy is my sister's boyfie :D ]
 OH GOSH....! what is daddy doing?! enjoying the wind perhaps? ROLF
 the sweet couple :D
 2 pairs. when is my turn to be in paired? ngiekngiek.. hahahaha..
soon? :P
 self-obsessing time? :D

 smart and steady <3 :D

wish my dream will come true :)
my dream is : all my dreams come true :D
thanks god and i love you ♥

staytuned for the upcoming post :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

random post.

 the first and ever so grand's malay style wedding dinner was held at vistana hotel!
they are all malays LOL. only a few table of chinese. good !

 the mask i took @ genting elite club. AHAHA. i saw this on the hongkong drama man! XD
exactly the same ><
 when i was drunk ! lol. just a glass of wine.

 do i look cute? lol. being self-obsessed again ><

-to be continued-
sorry being so narcissistic =D if u don't like it , thanks :) you just have to press 'ctrl+W'
thats it :)