Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to myself ♥

lemme think of a song which is sings by landy:
'zhu wo sheng ri kuai le'

a very special year for me.
perhaps i've grown up. i dont feel like celebrating my birthday this year.
as joycelin said : once a year i should have a party or what.
but i dont have the feeling to make any of that.
i just want a simple birthday or just pass thru it as a normal day..

who knows.. they made some lil surprises for me..
quite touching seriously ;")
they brought a cake to school and celebrated with me 
and actually i was busy rushing my homework that time :D
then , when i was in tuition..
qian n lynn brought along a box of cupcakes and another cake again..=O
[ am waiting for the camwhore in babe dolphin's phone :D ]
lastly , the most surprising part!!!
yes , another black forest cake for me! ><
from the t.a friends <3 the most unexpected one! ahaha.
when i pushed the door and they took out the cake n sang birthday song to me :O
i hung on a few seconds and looked around.. 
i knew i looked seriously surprised that time XD
sorry miss chong, wasted a lot of ur time in cutting n eating cakes.. teehee =p

* i dont receive any pressie from my family!!!! a very unusual year!!! darn! :( *

here they are! :) the most foolish people ever! :D
what they did to me :D 
they put the candles with a very creative way.
i like it tho =D

the priceless and precious gifts ever! 
the very early birthday pressie from my dear janet :D <3

the best gift ever! she is always the one who make me shed in tears ♥
because of her , i drop how many times of tears? ahaha
i really dont know what to say and do to appreciate her! haha!
silly girl , be more mature okay? ur birthday is around the corner too! 
its time for u to grow up honey bunny! :P ♥

the cupcakes ♥
baked by ..... haha! thanks for that :)
appreicate much! hehe it taste not bad :D

i shed my tears when i saw this! u really surprised me n touched my heart!
u r just a-so-silly girl! :) 
what else i can do to appreciate ur pressie? it really took a lot of time to complete this..
i felt so guilty and appreciate for what u've done for me darling ♥
i felt i am really lucky enough to have you in my life :) thanks a lot dear pyee! :)
i am so sorry for making u sleepless for a few weeks i guess..?
i assure that i will keep everything even until i lost my breath :)

the pressies of mine :)
thanks for everything people <3 love u guys loads! hehe

thanks for everything , everyone 
 i really have no idea of what to do or say to appreciate u guys :)
other than thanks , still thank you ! i love you guys loads :)
i do really appreciate everything i have now :)
i wont blame anything anymore because i knew i'm fortunate enough.
comparing myself to the victims of the earthquake in japan and others..
actually , i am not that lonely at all~!
despite of anything i still have the few sincere n loved ones around me.
our relationship will never end no matter what had happened :)
i love you guys very very very much <3 
i felt i am the luckiest one in the world to have you guys :)

a very happy and surprised sweet 17th birthday for me
thanks my dear friends who celebrated for me and wishes me.
thank you!!! :)

working for SHELL * again !

pixie time!!!

simply love this pix :D
 the 4 mask ladies :D lol.

 shu hua was shocked by my 'teeth' LOL =D
 szeying n babe winky :)

 szeying-shuhua-lixin-winky :) babes :D

 so cool man! :P
 finally home! :) home sweet home <3

genting- where i used to hang around alone :(

my lonely java chips. it has been always my companion @ genting for n years :D

back hometown for ching meng! :D
2 hrs to reach kuantan from kl and i took 30 mins to go tuition >.<
am so happy! bought a pair of heels! :P

good luck everyone! study hard =D


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

busy holidays ♥

 13-15 - GENTING+KL
started our journey about 8 and checked in around 12.
lalala.. after freshen ourselves up , go for LUNCH and then OUTDOOR themepark activities started! wootz! i'm lovin' it :D
the interesting parts were ' space shot ' ' fun kart ' and ' night park '
enjoyed watching the fabulous fireworks n fooling with the clowns :D
u know what?! i met quite many of kuantanese. LOL.
aunty ling n babe LE WEI and ZHIN WHEE with gf & many more :DDD

15-17  - my house
chong jia ni. came back from IPOH :)
lung's mommy sent her to my house and i was quite surprised with his mom's reaction. lol.
we chit-chatting .. over n over .. puiyee+jiani+me+kimberly ><
a random outing with jiani n june tau's friends. 
watched ' unknown ' ?  i met some new friends there. haha
farewell party for jiani or jiaxiang's birthday celebration or random gathering @JR? idk.

busy day perhaps? haha. 12-3 rehearsal. i went for lunch @ mcd with anson * he is cute. lol *
went home and got ready with everything.
make-ups , hair , clothes , throw everything into muh lucky draw bags :D
quite nervous for my dance " OH! " since i've never been up to stage for ages.
luckily never really made mistake on dancing :)
i thought i lost my hp but at last i found it :P next , my camera spoilt! darn u! 
spoiled at the wrong moment! ihateyou! idk what to do with u ><
quite a happy day for me :) <3

pixie time! :D

i love this style :) casual! teehee..

the crowd. genting's night market. specially for school break :)
not bad! quite a lot of choices but costly! ><
we spent 27 bucks but we seemed like ate nothing. lol

 the curry fishballs :)
 ate ice-cream at such weather?! 
 seriously , me n yee were going to freeze that time. we cant bear the cold..

 i love marry go round :) looks sweet :)
 spinner :D

 kuantan's family :D

 with pretty clowns :D

 we're waiting for checking in ;)
 she used to copy others' action. LOL

 enjoy fooling around in ze fitting room :D

 we love COTTON ON :]

 i love MANGO :)

 we r the best couple ever! one VANILLA one CHOCOLATE :D
 2 silly girls ! just woke up! :D

 4 sok fo :D
 us at bakery shop :)
outing with jiani n junetau's friends :)


 silly us :D
 kissie *
 whose hand??? ken??? hahhaa
 simply love this pix loads :)


 ze 4 silliest girls :D

 look at this!!! jason yee zhuo shen's expression! :DDD
 @ sushi king ;)

OH! the dance! damn it! i just practised it with them for once :D

 the LEOs. i will miss you guys though not really close with u guys :)

 my so called " ex-husband " - jason ><

p/s : the pixies are not upload according time n place. 
some are mixed up dy :D

i dont feel like my one week holidays was enough for me.
i felt that it just ended up like this ><
well , next ! charity dinner ! people ! go our charity dinner ! contact me if ur interested :P
and again : exam is around the corner.....the 2nd test n mid-term! fuck! i hate myself for being so lazy!!! darn!!!

good luck to 2010 SPM candidates! 
result is going to release tomorrow :)
hope u guys get what u wanted ! hehe.

stay tuned