Monday, April 25, 2011

a late update.

i have not much time left to prepare for my mid term test. mmm..
the only thing : good luck! haha..
alright then. a very short n quick post for u right here.
to talk about the camp of prefectorial board. was totally an awesome camp i have ever took part in~!
 great job 'Quah' :D

lets the picture explain everything... pixie pixie :]

 our bed :D two-teared bed. either first or second time sleep on this kind of bed XD
 the form5 prefect :) last year for it! hehe
 the first hanging bridge :D great~! some of them were so terrified. lol
 fabulous~! :D we enjoyed loads...

 what we waiting for--the sunrise. 
 my group--GIMME 5~ hahaha..what a funny group
 us.! in the early morning :)
 we are proud of ourselves. haha!

 too bright~! 
 it was like the fairy-land. lol
 simply love this pix loads. the sun hides behind. refuses to come out. too bad!

 weren't we look like ghostsssss? lol

 with ze big head babe :D

 with ze pretty and perfect darling--carmen. a professional dancer.
 3 of us :) 
*where is another one? :'( leave us behind. she is in kl now. awfully bad.
 taadaa~! :D

 mr.SUN ! finally u're here! don't u know that we're waiting for u for so long uh!
luckily we never give up! haha. it was the first time for me to watch sunrise u know?
because i used to go up there and failed to watch the sunrise. but this time we were successful! :)

this is what we have been waiting for. worth it! :)

random camwhore

we were playing a fool during tuition :DDD actually we have done our job :P

sports day=D i never took part in athletics :D 

I ♥ this so much~! 
isn't it look like using some of ze software to edit ones?
awesome~! i love it~! really nice enough~!
it is actually babe Qnzz's NIE project! they are great! :)
SMILE, IT'S FREE~! why don't you smile everyday? :)

there are still some random pictures of kiwanis charity dinner. here u go.

 babe nor and i. i look quite ... mm.. how do we name it? >< idk..
 babe puiyee n i :) do u feel that i look like phantom or an apparition? lol
 my cute cute dear :D heart chu! :-*
 look at tan chee yen! she was focusing on others butt... ohhh myyy...

 this doesn't look like her seriously..

 someone's head was behind. wahaha!

 look at this baby! haha! adorable enough! :P


am not going to update muh bloggie for some time i guess.
it's going to be a dead blog sooner or later.
sorry readers to bore you like that. haha!
am going to prepare for muh exam~! good luck everyone~!
it's a very important test though it's just the mid-term. :)
work hard people, u can do it well! :) xoxo

-stay tuned-