Tuesday, May 31, 2011


alright~! i feel like blogging ;)
my 3 days 2 nights genting trip was over.
this time was really a great n wonderful trip for both of us.
experienced things in different way.
bowling for the first night :)
MY GOD! yien hou n wei chun was really mad! >< 
their actions scared me off =.-
K.T and another 2 girls are friendly and quite ok :)
' have u ever seen a chinese holding an indian girl's hand but they aren't couple?! ' LOL
cute though.. coffee bean time! again :) 
my relax time was ruined by them! haha! and some of the boys are like going to kill them =.-

we were harassed by an indian boy while we're queuing up for the games.
well..b4 that we thought that he's quite a steady boy..
who knows!? he's just a bastard.. he harassed yee..
he touched yee's leg for a few times n keep apologizing! WTF!
i'm gonna kill him!!! fuck off moron!!! damn digusting....ewwww..
appreciated the malay guys..they lent us a helping hand :)
they forced their sis to sit with chinese so that we can join them..
but at last we sat with their sis and they joined the indian ><
goddamn! we ran for our lives.. haha!!

then night time..
we intended to redeem the tickets but ended up with playing bumper car :D
great!! i would never regretted choosing playing bumper car! :)
we knew a few friends [juniors] from kl. so coincidence that i knew their cousin..lol..
yes! we met a handsome boy! gosh.... he is just standard 2 which means 8 yrs old! 
my god! handsome! he's still in white clothing n jeans! damn! we love him! haha!
we added up their facebook and camwhored after the last game :D
i love Gerald's brother's driving skill! goddamn safe! i never felt any bumpy when he crushed on others.
bravo! he will be a good driver next time! hahaha!
we have played this together for 5 times! i mean the same game. from 11+~1am
for them, i guess it's more than 10 times!!! omg!!! 

and yes. mommy getting 'rabid' n insane.
she bought me a CR bag =.=
she's quite abnormal. usually she don buy me such expensive thingy.
over hundred is very impossible for her to buy. i mean buy for me.
well.. i should be happy or sad!? 

ohhhh!! one of the must-share thingy!
we met thousands of cute , adorable and talkative kids!
my god! once u saw them i bet ur reaction will be : OMG! how come they are so cute!? CUTE...
i'm sure..because almost every of the kids is that adorable..seriously..
compare to last time..not any..
and and and.. wondering either i miss my kuantan friends or just gettin' mental problem..?
i found many of the visitors over there were look alike with my friends..lol
i kept telling puiyee things like : DID U FEEL THAT THIS LOOKS LIKE WHO N WHO?
well...i repeated this sentences for more than 15 times i guess?! haha!
puiyee dear ended up with : u just miss them too much...><

okay befor that.. please make sure u don't get sick of it.. hahaha
u can either press ctrl+w or continue looking :D
i knew it's with loads of pictures LOL

temerloh R&R
 genting! :)
 same shirt again! :D she's RED i'm VIOLET :D
 outdoor! somehow. regretted wearing that thick shirt.
i mean my neck was so itchy! ><
 queuing for GO CART! the most fun! i'm lovin' it! 
 show u out teeth!!!
 piggy mouth!
 speechless.. haha!
 peace =v=
 fuck u! damn funny. we're still smiling! LOL
 mischievous face :D

 cock eyes! 
 smile :]

 funny! we used to crush others' boats! LOL

what happened dear!? she seemed like being force by me >< haha!
 funny! they're so anxious! i mean when they saw us XD

 this cute lil girl :) pretty! 

 how come we tie up our hair!? hehe.. because we're going for spaceshot! woohoo!!

 the antique car again :D

 again. we bought the same shirt :D
 bunch of the clowns :D eating uh! cute XD
 see! again! haha!!
 oops! this picture was ruined! ><
he's actually very very handsome in real life..
when he's driving! cool man! one handed!
cute n handsome lil boy :D

 he's sunshine boy :D love his smile :]

 as always. we used to have a cup of tea b4 heading back our room :)
 i love JAVA CHIPS @starbucks and HOT CHOCOLATE @coffeebean
 her eye bags! haha!

 cute cute kungfu panda! hahaha!
 look at our eye bags! LOL

my new CR bag =.- 

yeayeayea....i enjoyed to ze max during this vacation! haha!
oh ya!!! i bought 2 tops 1 dress and 1 shorts! :D
I ♥ COTTON ON! i mean worth-buying and wearing!
i bought myself a Chiara Rib Short & Aisha Knit Dress from CottonOn
a singlet from Radioactive and a tank top from P&CO!
ahahaa!! mommy asked me a stupid question:
u came here for playing or shopping? i said : BOTH! :D

alright! it's time for me to continue revision :)
goodluck to myself!