Friday, July 22, 2011


questionnaire? hpmm.
been going through a lotsa thingy.
well idk where to start.
i am freaked out.
what? why? who? how? idk.
i have started to love blogging than previous years.
conducive to express my feelings towards everything over here.
and i dont have to explain to anyone. my best soulmate ever.
i guess everyone was facing their own problem perhaps?
mine was frigging freak me out! but sorry that i cant what was that.

friend,i think you can handle every problems of yours very well now?
you have grown up kid. you should know what to do. and endures the conquers.
you are independent enough. give you some advice, control your emotions!
everything happens just endure and bear with it. soon you will overcome it! 
GOD helps those who helps themselves :)
friend,you have been my 'pistachios' as always :D
you face every problems positively but!
sometimes you can be so negative! haha!
all the way,you have been through the ups and downs with me.
i truly appreciate it and felt so grateful to have bunch of cute friends =)
and you will find your man in somewhere anyhow! HAHA!
friend,you simply love to hide. sometimes it annoys me. 
well i knew some of them were privy. 
but the way you express it peeves me off! haha! 
soon you will find him alright, no worries.
friend,i guess you have a lotsa problems to crush with.
soon we will be calling an adult! haha! so you must fight with it :)
perhaps some of the time we might talking to each other but we never chg! :D
friend,everybody faces their own problem! but just the point of view!
everyone solves them with their own different ways and thus,
if you cant handle it well. it means you yourself have to overcome with it.
we are all around. just be tough! if you dont have the guts to face it, no one else would.
friend,you have did something which frustrated me! *oops this is not a betrayal!
you might be at cross purposes with me. but please do not be spoilers!
you have to make everything clears instead of making everything blurs. haha!
mind you not to give cold-shoulder again. you cant have any benefits at all.
i wish i could engulf it! haha!
friend,seriously cant be too belligerent. haha!
you are a very very good friend so you must keep it up! :)
and you are clever enough! try to be more cautious :)
friend,i have never expected of that! haha! well! 
we have been through the crazy moment all the time! haha!
being busy body too :P haha!

i'm not going to write everything over here! slack!
sometimes i felt that i shouldnt expose everything of mine.
it may probably be an evidence and lead to misunderstanding and tattle.
yes. blog is a place for us to express. but i think it should be confidential.
if everybody saw that , you have no privacy at all.
actually i do have another blog for throwing everything over there. haha!
BUT! i've forgotten the link and email address. == so it considers as nothing.

about my family? i have no idea of why.
i always get stuck. erm.
their childish actions. hppmm. no comment.
a chinese phrase always says : 家丑不可外扬
 (which simply means family's problem is not supposed to be exposed to outsiders)
but i am afraid someday! i might be insane! lol.
my family is weird enough! compare to divorce cases,orphans,abuses cases...
non all of these happens but even worse than that! uggghhhhhhhh..
could i overcome it with a CALM!? NO i guess!
they can even argue over A TABLE , A CLOTH ,SCRATCHES of THE CAR  and etc.
do you know how it feels?! and how bad was my feelings! WTF!
i fake my smiles to show nothing's worng! how! problems! conquer it!? yes i should.
endures for another few months! i swear i will leave this prison!*even worse*
anyhow,i have a wheel of time with them sometimes.
and i knew they treat me very well. but i just dont like they always used to quarrel!
i am sick of quarreling life alright!

i wish i could get straight a's!
tripssssss, pocket money, DSLR, iPad2, studies... etc
everything! i want it! not that i'm greedy!
i study for myself and not anyone! :)
goodluck to myself and all of you!
SPM is on its way to you! soon you have to face it! 
so why dont you start doing revision now!?
it's never too late to mend :)
trial SPM - one more month to go ! :O

 do not cry because it's over.
smile because it happened :)

life is full of challenges.
deal with it! :)

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. 
If you want a different result, make different choices

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i wanna blog~

i feel like going to blog !
daddy asked me to prepare now! *speechless*
i can't blog either.
have to go out now ==

off to tuition! BYE peeps <3

tomorrow kay? :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

让时间冲淡一切吧 :)



他问班上的同学们: 你们有很恨的人吗?
老师: 那你们明天到小河边
然后写上对方的姓名, 再搬来学校
老师: 为什么你们不尝试放下心中的恨呢?


那么,不想说话,就不说吧 !
那是我 :)





一切从0 开始!

SPM! big sigh.
what to do? how? why? when?
full of question marks.
dream high? dare not.
i feel like shouting my lungs out!
stress enough!
i can only hope&pray for it.
only if i could undo my life

 I'm not SINGLE! 
I'm in a long distance relationship with a man who lives in my future.

i wanna back to this stage :)
but it was only just a dream.

Monday, July 11, 2011

do re mi ♥

sorry babe bloggie.
i knew i was wronged to neglect you but i have to.
or else i will be sticking to the screen all the day long :"(
after chasing the SECRET GARDEN i can't really concentrate on revision.
pffftttt! am sosososososo effing lazy to type! >O<

ohhhh yeahhhh! THANKS nuffnang :) i love you loads! xoxo :D

JULY , a month which has birthdaysssss of my darling friends :D
FIRST- my dear JANET! :) a super fans of HELLO KITTY!! ><
 haha! ten anniversaries of our friendship too :)

next, my honey carmen kuah which is staying in KL.
she is the one who always left out of our photos :(
we could make it perfect but her absence.... :"(
well.. our heart and strength still the same ! never change~! four of us! haha!
forever Y tou bang~ sometimes i felt so funny btw happy that we were once so childish :)

all these pictures must kept it properly...
all of these would be our bestttttt memories ever! haha :)

alright, again! sean & kyle! :)
let's ROCK the PARTY! :)
hhppmm never really rock seriously.
gathering perhaps. haha! 
i enjoyed driving luxury car~
i mean they are at least steady than local one =x
heavier.. but i dont get used to drive TOYOTA VIOS!
some kind weird feel while driving..
perhaps my mom was besides me and she was very cautious about her car LOL
i just need a car to drive!!!!!!!!!!!! alright back to point! haha!

enjoy the photos we took all night long :D
kinda mad a few of us.. enjoyed fooling around and playing with ze iphieeee :)))

 look at our head~! haha! she stick u u stick me :D
 with the star of the night! :) SEAN CHIAH! haha! happy birthday =)
 ugly piggies ~~~

 dudesssss since long time ago we never took pic like this XD
 all the sexy ladiesssss :DDD

 with aaron :D

 posturessssss no.1 TO no.10! :D

 four of us :) can u see who we are? XD

 last session :D 

next, babe winky 
haha! saw her celebrating with her dears at ecm! what i did?
i didnt even remember her birthday :(
was very guilty somehow i wished her! haha!
i am absent-minded so u must have to forgive me alright?!
i guess i am the most special one! so that u could rmb me all the time! wahaha :P
it's good also huh ? :pp

people, may i get your attention ?
mind helping me to click a 'LIKE' on the page
and also my photo?
i'm participating the BLEEP BABE SEARCH 2011!
need ur support~! just help me to obtain the highest number of likes
THANKS A LOT people!!!!heart chuuu!!! :)
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thanks thanks thanks!!!! xoxo

OHHHH GODDDD! it's time for me to revise =x
such a failure! hope i could do it! :"(
if i could get straight a's loads of benefits are coming to me...
i want it ... desperately ... haha ... how how how? pray hard! study hard! play hard! haha!
WORK HARD most important one! haha :P
good luck everyone! :) have a pleasant day! xoxo ♥
love you guys! take care! :)