Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i am lost.
i dont know where myself is.
everything at here looks so alien to me.
i had lost myself.
when is my last time of laughing from the heart?
never ever? lost? misunderstand? or what?
i realized that i've never laugh my lungs out since years.
where are you darling?
i am finding you since ages.
i need you. i cant get my true happiness.
i laugh i smile not because of i am happy.
simply because its just a kind of expressions.
something which is funny cannot really make me laugh but others did.
how? i am afraid. what had happened? is this so called growth?
have to go through different stages of problems or whatever? lol
well .. my life is so effing different from others.. that's enough for me.
i am tired :"(
may i choose to leave? :") suffocate.

honey bunny,
since u've moved to somewhere far away from me.
i felt so lonely. *although u come back quite often :D*
i miss those time we spent in the class without worries.
we fooled we laughed we played truant we gossiped we sang...
bunny,remember, stay strong. everything will be fine.
although i cant cheer u up or say something nice to you
i can always lend u my 'wide' shoulder to lay on n listen to you :D
after the spm soon everything will arrange back itself.
no worries. just remember my words.
*dont worry , be happy , everything will be fine* =)

about the trial exam.
not as i expected. i want at least an A-
but i got nothing. 
all in B! :"(
moderate. all 60++ big sigh!!!
i must work super hard this time!!!
it's the last chance for me to work hard on it!!!!
goodluck friends! its last chance no way back ady.
do your best remember! :)
SPM! here i come! ;)

-coming up next-
update soon


Sunday, September 18, 2011

again! the place.

yes. if u knew me well. you would know where's the place i visit often.
yeah! genting! as always! i am so sick of the place.
kinda crazy this time. according to my daddy.
genting offer a foc room for my parents for 3 nights.
so i was there for 3 nights.
ohhhhh yaaaaaaaaaa! the fireworks was fabulous!!!!
fantastic! more than 10 mins!
last part was the most interesting one! :)
this trip was quite different because i've known some cute clowns.
and i made friend with them :D
uncle bobby-the boss which offers me to work as a clown during holidays while i was just asking for fun that time. haha!
issac , brandon , lee fung , poh heng and the marvellous magician!
well they are friendly and not that arrogant as i thought=p
the magician show me his power! OMFG!
can u imagine while ur holding the cards (2 ACE the magician is holding 2 KING) then he asked me to blow after that i opened up my hand i was holding the KINGS! LOL...how fantastic it is!
they buy me dinner at the " lou yao kei " but i never took since i had had my dinner already.
i was even invited to their room and play with the materials. haha.
i love lee fung among them. she's adorable and talkative. haha!
here u go the video of the fireworks. p/s: my video is not that clear and seems nice as what i was talking.
but if u watched , it really amazed u :D

some random camwhored.
haha! well i watch baby smurfs with daddy at the cineplex.
i was surprised that daddy would say yes when i was begging him! haha!
we watched it in 3D! great show! i smurf u  ♥ :)
i cant stop laughing when i heard of my daddy was humming the theme song of smurfs XD
lalalalala sing a happy song lalalalalala smurf your whole day long!  ♥

celebrating malaysia's day :)
 OH FUCKING GOD! i saw so many wonderful sports car fthere!
i saw FERRARI , LAMBORGHINI , AUDI and many more... awwww 

 my cute daddy with 3D specs :)
 i was mad! everyone was looking at me how insane to take picha with the ferrari! XD

stay tuned! xoxo..
goodlucks guys! few more days to go! bear with it!
trial spm is gonna come to an end! :P
physics! goodluck  ♥

Monday, September 12, 2011

kinda upset to celebrate mooncake festival alone.
i am really being alone. so forlorn.
well i didnt really celebrate. lol
since my family is in sabah now.
well wish myself a lonely happy mooncake festival :)
and wish everyone has a wonderful day with ur loved ones with blessed :)

i have been busy preparing for my trial and i don even have time to enjoy myself.
a quick post just to wish everyone happy mid-autumn festival.
remember light up the candles and the lantern too. once a year its okay. haha
and! the wishing lamp too! although its illegal! haha!
gtg. chemistry papers tomorrow! goodluck guys <3

stay tuned! xoxo

Thursday, September 8, 2011

PMR candidates! Still on Facebook but I’m making full use of #TutorTVPMR page! It’s really great for tips. It really helps you a lot! try it!

PMR candidates!Still on Facebook but I’m making full use of #TutorTVPMR page! It’s really great for tips. It really helps you a lot! try it!

i am trying out the new version of blogger.

quite okay with it :D

at least something different in my view.

well i get boring with the old version one. haha.


finally i have finished the paper of history..

left 6 more subjects to go..

kinda breathless although its just the trial spm

i dont really feel the kind of panic in trial exam and i take it so easy.

well i need lucks around...

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