Monday, October 10, 2011

ALL about that night

 some random pictures.
 our kyle :D soul sister :D
 our beloved monitor aka vampire :DD 

 the dancing queen =D
 dear janet and szeying in bollywood costumes :)

 wow. long lost friend? haha! it has been ages we never camwhore together :)
 he always used to say he is taller than me >.<
 jovy. the nosy one. haha!! she never viewed my blog..great XD

 christina and szeying. she looks so sweet <3 :)
 lol. our LADY CHACHA! 
 look there!!!

 lil surprised for her <3 happy sweet 17th honey :)

 this crazy woman. heart her :D

 we tried our best to take as many pictures as we can :D
p/s: it's not self-obsessed k.. XD 

 do re mi ..
 with ze cute junior. well he looks exactly like weybin. lol.

 we love dancing! :D lol.
 before or after the bollywood performance? :D babe dolphin! haha!
 us <3 soon it gonna be framed onto our heart :)
 the two little indian XD lol.
 singing or camwhore+ing ? haha!!
 the prefect 'gang' we are the best! :D 
 well well well... yes indeed.. we are gonna graduate..
already retired.. haha! i mean being prefect.. lol
 our forever head prefect. forever our big bro :D
we love him loads XD he is the best :)

 the girls.
 darn. i wan my skin fair like my tummy's skin. LOL

some of the photos i get from facebook, my dear's blog and from the photographers of the night =D

-to be continued-
stay tuned