Thursday, December 22, 2011


just a random update about my
5 days 4 nights trip @ penang & kl.
well indeed we were exhausted on the last day.
most of the time we were walking.!
wth! tired! haha!
it was my first experience to take rapid bus.
i mean with friends. i have tried once in kl with mum. lol.
i am like coming out from the forest. LOL
i remembered the scenes where we have waited for the rapid bus in penang
FOR MORE THAN ONE HOUR going to 2 hours!!!
get fuss over it! haha!
we were STANDING all the time ! in the end 3 of us cant bear it.
walked across and sat at the bus stop opposite XD
at last we gave up we walked for almost 500m to the bus stop in front.
i REMEMBER you kids! how childish u guys are!
yes! my brothers are the best! haha :D
they scolded them before leaving the bus! great thg! 
well for this vacation we have left tonnes of memories!
oh ya! the 3 ladies went to the swimming pool and swim! 
p/s : only dolphin swims! ha! both of u don know hw to swim T.T
great! a wonderful full stop for our high school time! 
we love our class! we were wearing the class T walking all around :D
we're in the clinic cafe! :)
the first food i bought in penang! *char kuey* 
XD not bad! better than kuantan's.
the fatty's food! haha Jason Yee bought this!
 the busy town :D penang! 
 was choosing angry bird for kimberly :D
 kamdar area! :D

 everybody was posing! :D noob shit jason :D

 the love bridge of our friendship! :) 10 years! cant wait for another 10 years! ha!
 the funny hat XD
 met some random my fm n astro DJ @ 1st avenue!
 i go the wrong way!? :O

 we were copying khui's pose :D
 in the rapid bus! effing great inertia! haha!

 he looks like the professional scientist LOL

 this thing is real funny XD
 the ANGRY BIRD! trends! lol 
 rapid oh rapid! when are  u coming to us -.-
 been tired of waiting! wth more than 1 hours waiting! what a 'rapid' bus! 
 let's guess! where we're heading to!? ;)

 here we go! the MOIS! well kinda disappointed!
nobody rocking inside. ps kinda great inside =x
so we shifted here and there ><

 the ladies
 the gentlemen
 the MIAO! XD


i look fierce! XD
 ended up @ over time! haha here's some lil surprise for muh babe dolphin!
 i guess its chocolate moist? her sweet 17th! her dreams for sure come true! look at the KNIFE!
 best wishes! :)

 alright! here u go! the handsome look :P
 the place i love the most! i mean the atmosphere!
Straits Quay :)

 LOL. @ bora bora batu feringgi :D our first try! playing POOL! addicted .__.
 seriously i love SUB but kinda costly ! :( the black vs red dress!

just for HER :D

 its a must go place! yuen steamboat! the only thing we fight for : chicken wings!!
 so yummy!!!! :)))
 its like mountain! yea he is starving XD
 WHOAAAAAAA! great mannnnnnnnnn! =D

 hey hey! coming up next! our routine!
 sing k! :)

 LRT! long long time never take since mommy drive to kl! =(

 outfit of the day :D
 idk where :D *look at khui*

our main reason of this trip! haha! JOGOYA!!  ♥
 pavilion KL! all bears representing different country! should have visit :)
the last picture captured! my camera's battery flat! -.-
the night before we left! its actually morning ! :D 3am! ♥ :)
randomly create this thru the weibo! :D

CAMWHORE EVERYWHERE! sorry FULL PAGE of it! haha :D i was afraid i lose all of them :"(