Monday, January 9, 2012


seriously this would be flooded with wordssss i guess?


christmas eve i was in KL no doubt.
but what upset me was i cant even make it to countdown with all my friends.
i went for shopping w/ mummy and sisterssss @ times square
around 11pm we walked over to JLN ALOR 
which is famous for its frog porridge and have our late dinner
i requested my family to walk to pavilion with me, they did.
on the half way....WTH! the stupid indians spray all over US.
my sis get mad! ha! and even scolded me. fine!!!
returned to hotel! WTF! i thought i could make it. hmm.
what made me down was i couldnt meet up and i always didnt make it! 
lil Kimberly will always catch people's attention! ha!
we countdown in front of Melia Hotel(our accommodation) then
2 ladies from OZ love her so much! keep on hug and kissed her.
one of them even sang the 'Silent Night' with her.
that melted my her. just simply love that scene. it's so touch and sweet.

here she is.
p/s: she's a girl. people used to call her BOY .__.'' ( this photo - quite long time ago )


 countdown for new year eve was even sucks! yea..true..S-U-C-K!
but no doubt, i want to pass it just like that. a very simple day.
since my sis's coming back from KL so we had dinner at random restaurant
and after that.....WENT HOME! blah.....
at least...i watched all sort of alluring fireworks from different countries thru TELEVISION !
how great! people might probably think that i am totally mad!
18 years old(somehow i cant accept that i am 18 now although not officially yet),
 have my own freedom! haha!
idk why. friends are having parties , met up @ somewhere , ...
but I , only stay at the home! heh! never really felt disappoint or anything..
yes! whatever! ha!

resort world, genting ( it can consider as the place where i used to go quite often ) lol.
the main reason we're going up, my mom redeemed a room with a super low GP
and both of my parents love gambling ( not 'heavy' player ) ._.''
besides, we're going to celebrate my 2nd sis's birthday! ha!
this is something her BF did for her as a thank you gift for her friends (a box filled w/ chocs) :D
WTH! he cropped me away from the photo! *angry bird*
my mom promised to buy her a cake but ended up?...-.-
fine..just not to disappoint her..i bought a cute cupcake from the coffee bean and tea leaves w/ a title merry christmas on top-.-
(my sis asked me: u buy this as a christmas present or birthday present uh!) lol

this JANUARY of 2012 was really sucks , bored and dread! haha!
NO! CNY is coming up next! hey! i feel that it would be great! :D *comforting myself*
at first , i promised myself to blog today. but !
i buried myself with .... lol
being a driver! #WTH
sending daddy here and there send my sister..
at least i have pampered myself a lil bit. ha! lol
i went for a haircut! not really satisfied! i want something new!
but she only cuts off 3 inches and seems like NOTHING DIFFERENT! 
i should go D Mines saloon! i should go and ask help from Kent. at least better. #WTH
am thinking to ask Kent to cut my fridge after that. umm.. 
i just realized that my hair was so effing long last time! darn it!

2012 must be a better year for everyone of you and I! :)
it will be! 
i trust you,darling! :D

intended to blog a super long post after this. but i couldnt make it!
that including my 2012 to-do-list, my everything. ha! 
i havta wake myself around 9am! #WTH 
tomorrow is sisters' day! lol. going to hang out with my sisters (mummies) ! 
got to go bed now  people! do not stay up too late! isnt good for health yea.
goodnight readers! 


stay tuned!