Friday, April 27, 2012


HELLO pepo! how are you doing? must be great! :)
WOW! the month of April seems so fantastic to me!!
i love April!!! still, March is the best! :P
i am working as so-called Brand Ambassador for this month,
i have parties rocking, i have outings, movies, yc and just ENJOY my life!
May onward, i am gonna be like a nerd~! #dammit!
oh hell~! i dont wanna go form6! can I? hmm.. 
i know i cant handle it thats why i'm so persistent. dad.. :(
my honeybunny's sweet 18th at TC2 during NIGHT!! 
so eerie when we're walking in!
Babe Su-lynn's sweet 18th at Swiss Garden Hotel.. 
Babe Qian's farewell party at her house..
YC sessions.. 
this is the very first time i hang out so often in a month! HAHA :D *giggle*
first and the last!? HELL!!

dear Janet, Shian, Szeying  at TC McDonald =)
babe Sulynn's birthday party!! RAWKKKK~
moi,max  and kyle ♥ sister forever XD
my girls 

my dear Janet and I! :) 11 years anniversaries! HAHA!

E Qian Qian's house! farewell party..
she's leaving to Singapore for further studies~ 
honestly, if aint financial constraints, i might be studying there as well :(
i am gonna go Singapore and find her some day :D

babe Eleanor and moi Szeying ;D
 camwhore with my pretty babes 


-to be continued-

 stupid Kimberly so mischievous recently!! 
i wanna camwhore with her she doesnt want! 
then i find her brother only she came into me! grhhh!
 at papparich! :) i know i look more like elder sister! everyone says so! LMAO!

thank God~! this April means so much to me.. 
happened a lot of things actually..
i must appreciate my happy life! HAHA!
perhaps i'm not gonna have it anymore since form6 starting real soon! 
live your life to the fullest pepo!! u only live once!! :) ♥


Monday, April 16, 2012

the BIRTHDAY ♥ sweet 18

so sorry that i've never updated yet,readers;P ages ago!
HOHO! it's time to grow up! imma be an adult! sweet 18th birthday!
i always want my 18th to be as simple as possible and i want to pass it with my family because i just realize that they are the people who will never leave you alone no matter what.
so, no matter how bad they treat you, they are still part of you! :)
alright, day before my bday i went out with my dear puiyee just random outing :)
we went secret recipe for the BUY 3 FREE 1 promotion! (Y) 
i got my 2nd hand blackberry as a reward for myself!woohoo (everyone's scolding me stupid buy a 2nd hand at that price might as well buy a new one) >< *out of cash pls* 

my all time favourite: blueberry cheesecake! :) (how i wish it was bake by dolphin :( )
my same birth date friend Elvis's bday cake! :D i couldn't find another 0324 friend's cake:(
both of them ♥ my fav girls we've known each other since primary school :D

here they are! before action! XD but too bad i was outside that time :P
she left kuantan! :(
great thing! they even camwhore in my house! HAHA!
kinda funny when i saw this in my dear janet's blog! WAHAHA
p/s: my reaction was kinda ridiculous! i thought i saw apparition!
because it was so dark that time! they jumped out so sudden!
i even burst into tears. yea as always, easily!

make a wish! :)
3 of us! have been ages ago we didnt camwhore together :D
my 11 years bestie 
she's another 11 years bestie! 
yeahh! they overnight at my place! pillow talk! xD

sister love forever! 

honestly I do really appreciate what they have done to me ♥ 
perhaps it's the last chance we 3 can crazy like this? :(
what make me feel stupid was i even burst into tears @ OldTown where i thought i will never see dolphin again before she leaves kuantan & who knows she's going to gimme surprise later on! aghh how funny!! T.T
we skype until late night with the so called SUPER STAR :D
they went to the Astro Star Quest Audition the next day so we end call earlier :(
too bad they were too nervous i guess so they couldnt make it to the next audition! 
its okay! gain experience will do and try it next year! :)
HOHO! i was starving in the middle of night WTH! and so i couldnt even fall asleep until 4++am!
then 3 of the crazy women woke up at 7am! *tears rolling* *yawning*
lalala we got ready to go TC!!!!! :) and have our MacDonald as breakfast!! yeahhh ..
beach walking XD saw bunch of students were taking pictures for moral folios i guess make us recalled what we always do in the school ! so sad ! :(

i love this photo so much! 
(actually we took a lot of photos but too bad due to my SD card problem i couldnt upload them all)

NEXT round, with my family :D
we had had our lunch at DESSERT SHOP!
my cute family! too bad only my 4th sis couldnt make it to come back :(
otherwise we can take family photo!
we brought little kimberly along to Wan Fo Dian to let the lil tortoise back to its world :D
and also feed the fish :)
i did good deed on my birthday !!
stupid sister go and order a so ugly cake for me :"( 
i thought my spongebob could be adorable but who knows!!!! damn it!!! 
where are his legs !? :(
btw appreciate for what everyone has done for my birthday!
i always want it to be simple! :)
TOO BAD! i never hang out on my birthday! 

_to be continued_