Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May ♥

MAY is another good month actually.. (for me)
its a good month to you as well right? :D
kinda busy since the first day of May!
BABYSIT my niece for 3 days! i've started orientation week for form6 !
one more week to suffer! and i'm gonna start my hectic life SO SOON!
i can still go for yc sessions almost everyday!
BUT once our class started, i dont think i can :(

randomly found this picture when i was about 4 or 5? i'm supposed to be a BOY! lol
i miss those days :( i wanna back to childhood time!
my naughty niece! so helpless when i was babysitting her ALL ALONE! 
428 daddy fat hao! :D
here she is, we called her bread! LOL

pre-mother's day celebration @ sherwood steakhouse! 

 LOL look exactly like his father (my brother in law) when he's with sunglasses! xD

i miss her A LOT! well, i miss schooling life! i mean TP! sighhh..

 attended wedding dinner with daddy ♥ dress bought from Bangkok!!
 stupid face! :D
 start working from 4th to 7th of May @ CapitaMall :)
a very very tiring yet best job ever! HAHA! starbucks juice everyday!
full of memories!!!
 playing with the stamps ! :D 
 my tiring face after the 4 days non-stop working! :P

i've always wanted to study in SG but..
due to financial constraints and many problems occurred..
idk what to do .. SIGH! 

SINGAPORE! here i come :)
 look at the giant fan!!! LOL first time ever seen!! 
 random view.. find it nice so captured! :D
besides the SG Flyer is actually Marina Bay Sands! 

 i am who i am.. i don't like to put on lenses and make up all the time..
because i find it troublesome! needa remove everything be4 sleep!!
only when it's necessary i will put them on :D
 we had had our dinner inside Sentosa :D Ramen! slrrppp.. yummy!!

my favourite shop!!!! CANDYLICIOUS!! a must-enter shop whenever i go SG :P
i love the skittles candy fan so much!! but i do not have enough cash!! so.. BYE :(
lake of dream! :D
 my favourite BOY whenever we visit him in SG :D
Lincoln boy is soooooo adorable!!! his english is even better than mine!!! so ashamed!!!

actual Mother's Day! :D a simple cake for mom!
nosy her! blow that cake for mummy! haha!
we had our dinner at a random restaurant.. who knows.. lightning strike and thunder!
we shifted our seats for thrice! LMAO!
*after! LOL..
romantic dinner..haha! at first outside got no electricity but now in and out! ><
heavy rain spoiled my mood~! POOR mommy only myself,nephew and dad celebrating for me! HAHAHA!!
i simply love this picture :) so peace!
but kinda scary when i saw this scenario! lol..

people thought that i have edited this photo! LOL.. this is original one!!

 this is after edited :P that's why.. a photo speaks a thousand 'words' XD
did u notice? something gone.. hahahaha!!

alright..that's all for today :)
i'm gonna update about my job for the event "Journey to the West" ! :D
this is the first 2 weeks :D next 2 weeks coming up soon..