Wednesday, July 4, 2012

another May ♥

hello people, sorry that i never update muh bloggie for ages! :D
much a dead blog!
how time flies! its JULY now and i'm gonna blog about thingy on MAY! lol.
it's not gonna be a long winded post! hee.. 
let's camwhores explain everything alright! :D

work at RTM kuantan for the Journey to the West show :D
kinda fun working there! :) met a lot of new friends? ha!

how i miss those days where i could just do anything i want to! :(
my sis boyfie just random edit the example of magazine for baby dolphin! ha! :D
damn weird..i know right.. HAHA!
it's my very first time went for photoshooting..
have been rejected a few photographers actually.
i am willing to go for photoshooting its because of Yunice! HA :D
so it should be her pleasure to photoshoot for me!? LOL 
and of course my pleasure to meet her 

i can still remember i rushed right after shooting to work because i was SO LATE! haha!
 this is the first time! (supposed to be) but her teacher can't get the so called FEEL
haha so..we just went for the second time :D
 and i knew a new friend, CH! lol.. he spammed my notifications right after we met each other!
i was like: WTH? well.. hes quite a nice guy.. lol


stay tuned with the upcoming post! BAHAHA!
june and july post might be coming together? :D
i miss those days where i'm way too free to blog or whatsoever! 
damn it..form6 life not that easy ;(

-stay tuned-

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