Friday, September 7, 2012


it has been ages ago i never blogged? hee..i'm so sorry!
once i started my form6 life i felt suffocated.. no idea why..
well..i enjoy myself tho..
i actually drafted a long long winded post with photos..
but it's not done yet , so i never update it :)

people might say that sweet 18 must be very great..
awesome and so on.. not necessary.. for me.. i think that..
18 years old is kind of learning how to be responsible for urself..
i've learned a lot in past few months..
i've met a lot of people, i've seen so much different stuffs and
i've learn so much from each and every of them..they are lesson!
i have been going thru very very down n upset time..alone..
i even burst into tears for so many times , i love thinking a lot of silly things
end up..hurting myself! perhaps my mind is still not that wise? *wonder
i seldom express my feelings out to anyone..unless its unbearable anymore..
and yeah.. i expressed it out to muh baby..haha! but not all of them..
great that she lend me her ears and i have lent her my ears too! HAHA! 
(shes going to scold if she saw this! ROFL*)
now, i learned to cope with all kinds of people..
and i'm trying so hard to socialize better! HAA! i'm kind of antisocial type! :P
indeed!! my sweet 18 is great ! its full of ups and downs!

i'm getting insane!? why am i posting such bull shit here!? haha!
whatever! i love blogging much! 
BIG SIGH... i cant blog that often!! 
form6 life doesnt have that much time! FML
i used to ask myself every morning " why are you getting into form6? "
idk when is this gonna stop! hmm..

i havta prepare well for my trial! its on the 1st of october!
goodluck everyone! 

with loves ♥

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