Thursday, October 11, 2012

How time FLIES!

oh my gawd~! how time flies!
i've never been updated muh bloggie since when..i dont even remember!
is it May???! wow~! it's already OCTOBER now!!
so i will just simply upload some pictures and let you guys know what i've been doing so far! *wink

and yes! i went ShenZhen, China and Hong Kong right after a week form 6 started! lol
a week off from school :) and i sick like hell after i was back in msia! i got no voice! bad sore throat! gonna blog about it in another post *giggle

i went photoshooting for zeus boutiq as so called ambassador! lol. here are some photos i grabbed from there!  ZEUS Boutiq FB fan page here you go! :)
They provide imported trendy clothing from Taiwan,HK,Korea and so on.. not only that! They have headbands from SERENIandSHENTEL too!! and also selling the brushes from ! 

honestly, i love all of the brushes because they are simply lovely and soft! you can also visit their shop somewhere near China Town, ECM Kuantan right besides D MINES! All of them are at reasonable prices! you should grab some! :) after the shooting pretty soon and i bumped into TIGER ROVING TEAM job! hmm..

with mimi choo & lee long gei! :D
w/ babe carmen cheah 

it took a lot of courage of mine to cut it until shoulder length honestly..
here you go ;) with babe yienyin 
us ♥ yen , szeying , liwei outing :D chilling at starbucks!
with ze birthday girl! JO ANN ♥ sweet 18 
in ze school ! kim han :D a picture freak! 

the four of us ♥ in the class! honestly.. i did enjoy myself in form 6 life! :)

1ST of JULY :                          we gave her surprise! my dear Janet's sweet 18!
she's shooo upset until no mood that time! :D i gave her surprise!
i was able to make it because i arrived quite late that day :D
and our 'brothers' were back to town! thanks to babe carmen! HAHA

FINALLY........our long awaited LOVE was done! lol since april i think?
 the birthday surprises for darling puiyee and yunqiu ( my new classmates from endau ) 
 family dinner without 2nd,3rd and 4th sis! mummy's birthday! i was so ill that day! 
 the JUNE picture! haha! babe casey's leaving us :"(
off to aussie and further her studies! waiting for her to come back!
wootz! pretty soon!!! dec or jan!? aww..

more entries are coming up next!
stay tuned