Monday, November 12, 2012


oh goshhhh... isnt it problem with my eyes? its NOVEMBER now!!
well... my memories are getting worse!! no idea why!! WHY?
but what i remember the most is the happiest and lively month is SEPTEMBER!
a great month for me! full of outings and yc sessions..i dont feel any lifelessness on that month..

okay about my STPM? haa its sucks! out of syllabus thingy questioned on that paper?
revised so hard was just useless and like never revise.. so whats the point of study so hard..
alright whatever! its over and its time to have fun to the max on this 2 months holidays!
nope .. one month actually .. november is the tuition + project month! tuition everyday!

once i have finished my last paper-chemistry on thursday! bunch of us went for movie!!

here you GO.. SINISTER!!!

we're so freaked out watching this movie! if i'm not mistaken i think i've scream for more than 5 times!
never a horror movie frightened me so badly! my right hand side seat was empty. its so WTF feeling!
worth watching tho.. first among all the horror movies freak me out!! HOHO..
then... next movie :
well.. perhaps after watching sinister i dont consider this as horror movie..
its kind of disgusting.. i never screamed at all.. i was just terrified by the sound effect..
okay this was the 2nd time of me watching movie at night! but first time until midnight..
first in my 18 years life my first time was in this year too! >_> THE THIEVES!
indeed i felt wasted paying 17 for this movie! AHAH! whatever! its over :D
after movie i went yc at tree under with them until 2am! yes! its 2am!
they were so surprised that i could go out until that hour.. haha
my parents are kinda strict on me.. 

and one thing i dislike, they were like stalking me..
i just wanna tell you guys.. i'm 18 now.. i am an adult now..
i know what i am doing right now.. dont worry that i would be cheated..
indeed, i do not really know how to differentiate good and bad.. but please trust ur daughter cant you?
dont doubt me n my friends.. you guys are somehow old-fashioned a lil bit..
well i love you guys tho.. but just gimme some freedom.. i am no longer a baby..
i am so tired of all these shits.. been endured so much.. and i thought i am better now..
but i am so wrong.. hmm.. (sorry i shoudnt have blog here)

alright even though i am busy with tuition! but still, i am gonna make my november a GREAT month!
i have no idea why i felt so lifeless now. perhaps form6 life is too hectic so once it stops i feel like ntg?
the time goes by so slowly! i dont  know what to do in the house! thank god!
tuition class starts tomorrow.. at least.. i have something to do.. lol..

FML! i dont know what the heck is wrong with me! HAHA! well well well...
ANYWAY.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE! enjoy ur holidays to the max!
its deepavali tomorrow! happy holiday for those who are working! :) 
i actually have so much to blog about!!! but all the pictures are not in this computer!
next time then! ;)

imissthosehappymoment !

-stay tuned-