Saturday, June 22, 2013



oh noooooo.. time flies... half of the year had gone! what have i done?
well STPM 1st and 2nd semesters were over and i should just retake sem1!
hopefully i dont have to retake 2nd semester! (pray hard)
and i must promise myself must work the hardest in 3rd semester because there is no more chance for me to retake 3rd semester and it is a heavy semester!
i sincerely wish i could do that! but i just have to distance myself away from social networking
i do spend a lot of time on that! i have to stop!
2013 you are a good year to me hopefully.

2013 which i am 19 years old
and this is a very unique and unforgettable year
because in the year of 2013 happened a lot of unexpected things

first of all,
i have no idea where the hell was the courage came from,
i just participated in a beauty pageant - Miss Pahang Tourism
and the point is that i'm that kind of person which do not take part in these activities
i do not want fame i do not want to be top and i simply wanted to be an ordinary girl.
well, it's a very good chance for me to join this pageant instead. i've learned a lot of new stuffs.
for which is not learned in the text books for sure. 
honestly, every girls are talented and beautiful. and i love them :)
oh well , u can really see thru which is desperate and which is not. 
but whatever it is , i just wanted to end the pageant quick because it's torturing everyone of us!
but now, i miss every single of them and i miss the moments we suffered together. HAHA

here you go, our group picture :D

aren't they awesome and gorgeous? :)
btw, goodluck to the top3 of this pageant! wish you guys all the best!
one of you must get champion! ♥

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